Super rare McLaren Saber 824 horsepower is revealed

Since the first introduction until now, McLaren has always kept quiet with information related to the Saber supercar. However, fans recently took a more comprehensive view of McLaren Saber supercar when the first car is delivered to the customer by the McLaren Beverly Hills agent.Some previous rumors indicated that McLaren Saber limited edition Using a hybrid powertrain with a capacity of more than 1000 horsepower. However, these rumors are not entirely true when the Saber is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8. The press release does not release the specific specifications of this engine, except for its impressive power of 824 hp and 800 Nm. McLaren has provided Motor1 news site with an official statement regarding the Saber supercar, but unfortunately there is not too much specific information.McLaren Saber means a lot to anyone because of its rarity. Specifically, this is a supercar designed and personalized by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) – a special division responsible for the production of high-performance cars. With a limited number of 15 units, McLaren Saber is designed exclusively for the US with the standards and equipment suitable for this market. This means that both European and Asian markets do not have the opportunity to see the McLaren Saber.Not only that, the McLaren Saber supercar is also highly personal when the designers and engineers of the MSO department will work directly with each customer to meet the needs of each person. Therefore, each McLaren Saber is unique and unique in the world.Piece The first McLaren Saber is already in the hands of its owner in the US, and shipping will begin over the coming months. According to McLaren, due to the super exclusive nature of the Saber, the company will not disclose the details of the specifications and design of each vehicle as well as information of customers.Video: Very rare 824 horsepower McLaren Saber supercar appears on the street.


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