Sun Life Vietnam pays benefits to cancer patients

Sun Life Vietnam pays VND 302 million to Mr. Tong Van Dai, a thyroid cancer patient in Hue city.

The representative of Sun Life Insurance Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Sun Life Vietnam) just knew that, when receiving information that Mr. Tong Van Dai was seriously ill, the unit cut off staff to visit clients’ health. .

Sun Life Vietnam also carries out the procedures to pay benefits as committed in the insurance policy. With the money paid from insurance benefits, Sun Life Vietnam wants Mr. Dai and his relatives to have more financial resources to peacefully treat illnesses, foster health, quickly return to a healthy life. than.

Representatives of Sun Life Vietnam paid benefits to customers of Tong Van Dai. Photo: Sun Life Vietnam.

At the insurance benefit payment ceremony on February 21, customers are also advised and introduced about Sun Life Vietnam’s insurance financial solutions to help users protect their finances from risks and bring opportunities to Association to increase assets. Customers have the opportunity to learn more about supplementary insurance products, comprehensive health protection …

From 2016 – 12/2020, Sun Life Vietnam paid insurance benefits to more than 11,500 customers with a total amount of over 120 billion VND. Payment of insurance benefits right, enough and quickly is one of the priorities of Sun Life Vietnam to help customers feel secure.

Representatives of Sun Life Vietnam introduced the product in Hue city.  Photo: Sun Life Vietnam.

Representatives of Sun Life Vietnam introduced the product in Hue city. Photo: Sun Life Vietnam.

With a lifelong customer care strategy, Sun Life Vietnam aims to help customers achieve financial security and enjoy a healthier life. Sun Life Vietnam pledges to pay insurance benefits quickly and transparently as soon as possible.

In 2020, Sun Life Vietnam will focus on ensuring safety for customers, employees and financial advisors. During the period of social gap, Sun Life’s staff was equipped with the necessary tools to work from home, ensure the best connection and service to customers.

Sun Life Vietnam donates more than 1.65 billion VND to families affected by Covid-19, affected by floods and landslides in the central provinces. This business installed 102 basketball posts in schools to encourage students to develop healthy lifestyles. Sun Life Vietnam has established a partnership with Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank to develop business and take care of customers.

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