Sun Grand City Feria Villas ensure construction progress

Sun Grand City Feria project is urgently deploying items to achieve the handover plan expected in the third quarter of 2021.

According to the representative of the investor, after completing the leveling stage, Sun Grand City Feria is implementing related items. In which, the pile pressing progress reached 80%; building foundation 0.0 cote up to 320 units and building body reaches 210 units.

In the past time, despite the influence of Covid-19, the Sun Grand City Feria construction site has maintained operations to ensure epidemic safety, hustle pace, day and night. Besides, despite difficulties due to the continuous rainy weather for many weeks, in this October, the project has completed to build the first 12 villas.

“It is expected that only in the third quarter of 2021, the Spanish-Mediterranean-style villas at Sun Grand City Feria will be handed over raw to customers,” said the investor’s representative.

Sun Grand City Feria single villa with unique design.

The two most sought-after villa lines in the Mallorca subdivision are duplex villas (three open sides, land lot area 180-320 m2) and single villas (4 open sides, land lot area 249-655. m2) is expected to be handed over by September 2021. Right now, ensuring the requirements on project progress has brought peace of mind and confidence to customers and investors.

The Sun Grand City Feria project is adjacent to the beach, located on Ha Long Bay, at the same time accessing 2 major routes, Ha Long Road and Ky Quan Sea Border. In addition to the Spanish-Mediterranean architectural style inspired by the project, the peaceful rhythm of the Mediterranean land is also recreated through beautiful scenery, cool climate, full of sunshine and wind. ocean by the bay. The system of 6 diverse utility parks, from a sports field bearing the culture of the grouper country to a dynamic children’s play area, offers many experiences for future residents.


Perspective of lakeside villas with green landscape designed with aesthetic value, high green living value.

After being launched to the market in May 2020, 95% of products in Calvia subdivision have been owned after only one month. Recently, the project of launching the villa line in the Mallorca subdivision has received much attention from customers.

Real estate with long-term ownership or a product line with commercial exploitation potential is favored, especially projects of reputable investors, with a clear product development investment strategy, ensure progress credibility.

“The potential for investment is strengthened when the real estate market is gradually recovering and if Covid-19 is controlled as it is now, real estate will continue to have growth momentum,” said the representative of the investor.


Victoria Park is inspired by the Mediterranean style.

Investors are implementing preferential loans with 0% interest rate up to 30 months to support customers to buy Mallorca – Sun Grand City Feria villas. In addition, investors buying a villa will be offered an interior package of up to 700 million per unit. In order to connect and develop the resident community, the investor offers a special incentive policy for those who already own Sun Grand City Feria villas. Accordingly, owners of Sun Grand City Feria products who buy from a second apartment or successfully introduce new customers who buy products at the project will receive a gift of gratitude immediately with a value of up to 300 million. apartment (conditional applicable).

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