Suffocating to watch the rescue of a cat stuck on an American highway

Rescuers have successfully rescued a cat after being stuck for days on a highway in Texas.

The cat got stuck on top of a pole on the 10 west interstate. With the efforts of a team of rescuers from the El Paso Police Department, the Texas Department of Transportation, and the El Paso Fire Department, the cat was rescued after being trapped for days at a height.

Watch the video: Choking to watch the rescue of a cat stuck on an American highway

El Paso Animal Services took over and cared for the cat after it was rescued. Veterinarians said the cat was dehydrated and is currently receiving intravenous fluids, but fortunately it was not injured.

According to El Paso animal services, the cat became trapped overhead after getting into a vehicle because of the cold weather.

Veterinarians take care of cats at El Paso animal service center

Dr Alana Canupp, chief veterinarian at El Paso Animal Services, said: “Perhaps the cat got inside the car engine to stay warm. But it fell out while the car was moving on. highway but fortunately did not have an accident, then the cat climbed down the pillar to take shelter.”

Now that someone has adopted the cat, animal services are hoping it can live a long and healthy life. El Paso animal service advises everyone to check their car, especially the hood, before driving on a cold winter morning to spot any animals lurking in them.

Careful examination to avoid a situation like that of a woman in Australia. Ms. Christine Jones, from Armidale in the state of New South Wales, Australia, had to experience that uncomfortable feeling when she was about to step into the car.

Christine recounted that she did not check the car, so when she approached to open the car door, she was startled to discover a creepy, hairy creature lying on the door handle. Christine Jones assumed it was a hairy caterpillar of some sort, but it was actually a dangerous hunter spider.


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