Sue Facebook because the job is too obsessive and toxic

A former content manager at Facebook’s Kenya branch is suing Meta, the social network’s parent company, for poor working conditions.

On May 11, Daniel Motaung, a former Facebook content administrator, filed a lawsuit against Meta and their partner, outsourcing company Sama, for allegedly violating the Kenyan constitution.

Motaung’s lawyers say the lawsuit not only demands financial compensation, but also forces Facebook to change its content moderation practices globally.

Bad working conditions

In the lawsuit, Motaung presented evidence that Facebook’s content administrators in Kenya were working in poor conditions, were underpaid, had no health support and had no union activity. In addition, he accused Meta of violating their privacy and dignity.

Motaung’s accusations against Meta and Sama were included in a complaint filed with Kenya’s Employment and Labor Relations Court.

In an affidavit accompanying the lawsuit, Motaung asserted that he was not informed during the hiring process that he would be working for Facebook, nor was he informed of the details of the nature of the job prior to joining.

Motaung said he must review social media posts that contain BL content, nudity, racism or child molestation. The former Facebook employee was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

The lawsuit asks Meta and Sama to provide mental health support to moderators and pay them the same salary as a full-time Facebook employee.

Report of Time Quoting pay slips, Sama paid moderators about $2.20 an hour.

Motaung’s lawsuit also claims compensation for other Facebook content moderators in Kenya.

A spokesperson for Meta told Insider that the company would not comment on ongoing legal claims. Sama also declined to comment on the lawsuit but had previously denied that its employees were paid unfairly.

Spokesperson Meta asserts responsibility to those who are moderating content for the company and asks partners to offer industry-leading salaries, benefits and support.

“We take our accountability to the content reviewers for Meta seriously and demand that our partners provide industry-leading payouts, benefits and support,” the spokesperson said. .

“We also encourage content reviewers to raise issues as they know them, and conduct regular reviews to ensure our partners are meeting the standards we expect of them.” the spokesman continued.

Allegations related to human trafficking

In addition, Motaung’s lawsuit also accuses Sama and Meta of forced labor by placing “false job advertisements” and failing to notify applicants that they would be working as content moderators. Facebook content, as well as not warning that they will view harmful, traumatizing content.

Because of Meta’s misleading job advertisements, dozens of employees from elsewhere in Africa moved to Kenya to work for Sama. The lawsuit argues that the violation involved “trafficking in persons”.

Under Kenyan law, Meta’s offenses were related to “trafficking in persons”. Image: Getty Images.

“These misleading advertisements intentionally target disadvantaged Africans. These people are not only tricked into doing a job without their knowledge, but also suffer poor working conditions and psychological trauma,” Motaung’s lawyers said.

In a statement provided by Foxglove, a non-profit organization in London, Insiders, Mr. Montaung said he suffered both mental and physical burden.

“After graduating from university, with the desire to develop myself and lift my family out of poverty, I applied for a job. However, six months later, my physical and mental health took a hit. destruction,” said Mr. Motaung.

Not long after joining Sama, Motaung formed a union to give voice to nearly 200 employees in Nairobi but was fired shortly after. He and his attorney believe the dismissal decision was due to a union effort.

“Mark Zuckerberg and companies like Sama cannot be allowed to treat people like this. We are not animals. We are human, and we deserve to be treated well,” said Mr. Motaung.


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