Students successfully built a 3-in-1 mosquito catcher

From seemingly discarded materials, but with a passion for creativity, Nguyen Tran Hung Son – student (student) grade 8/7, Nhut Tao Secondary School, Tan An City, Long An Province made the 3-in-1 mosquito-catcher is small, inexpensive, and efficient. Thereby, contributing to protecting health, helping users relax after stressful working hours.

Winning the third prize at the Thirteenth Long An Province Youth, Youth and Child Creative Contest in 2020, Son’s 3-in-1 mosquito-catcher is widely noticed. Although not too sophisticated, Son’s products make an impression of their effectiveness in real life.

“Currently, there are two problems that most people are concerned about: air pollution and disease,” Son said; including dengue fever. Because of that fact, I came up with the idea of ​​inventing a product that both kills mosquitoes and filters the air with the desire to contribute to preventing mosquitoes from carrying diseases to humans; at the same time, reducing environmental pollution, providing a clean source of air, aroma to help users feel comfortable and sleep better ”.

According to research, the 3-in-1 mosquito-catcher is composed of 3 main compartments: Mosquito killing chamber, essential oil diffuser and essential oil compartment with all about 20 parts such as LEDs, batteries, filters, activated carbon. calculators, essential oils, … and many objects taken from computers or broken machines such as propellers, power grids, … After 4 hours, the 3-in-1 mosquito capture machine was completed.

The machine operates on batteries, the LED light is a bait to attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes that fly in are attracted to the air fan’s suction force, the grid parts will discharge electricity and destroy them. The exhaust gas through the activated carbon filter will be filtered clean. Clean air through the chamber containing essential oils, escaping will create aroma. After completing the machine, Sơn tested in the evening and as a result, there were not many mosquitoes left.

Due to lack of experience and in-depth knowledge, Son encountered many difficulties when embarking on manufacturing. “The hardest problem is finding the right materials. When running the product test, the fan did not work, choking the air, so I had to take it out again and again ”- Son shared.

Mr. Bui Anh Tuan instructed Nguyen Tran Hung Son to write a presentation for the model

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Hung (Son’s father), seeing his child amused, tinkering as a model, the family always supports and encourages. Before the problems, he also commented and instructed him to complete the model. The contest is an opportunity for children to develop their creativity, learning and playing in order to develop comprehensively.

Mr. Bui Anh Tuan – General Manager of Nhut Tao Secondary School, who enthusiastically guided Son throughout the process of researching the topic, making ideas to perfect the product, acknowledged: “This is an invention that I am very impressed with. , because the product is innovative and practical. The product is small, compact, easy to move, helping users to protect their health, especially with a much lower budget than the mosquito repellents on the market today ”.

“Every year, the school conducts and announces the school’s creative contests for young people, teenagers and children; At the same time, suggesting many fields for students to make ideas, then comment, contribute ideas to complete the model of participation in the competition. For me, the students do not have to make a beautiful model, the most important thing is their ideas and creativity, the model that brings benefits in reality is enough. Thanks to that, for many years, the school has always had meaningful models and won awards ”- Mr. Bui Anh Tuan added


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