Strange story: Suddenly female moles “transgender” to survive

Unbelievably, in order to survive underground, female moles grow testicles on their own and secrete hormones that make them stronger to burrow.

The female mole has a rather “flexible” reproductive system that is different from all mammals.

By the standards of other species, they are not quite feminine but half lean and half fat.

Moles are transgender because they have both ovarian and testicular tissue, and they disappear during the breeding season.

The female mole has two X chromosomes but possesses both the ovaries and testes.

Moles can transsexuals naturally.

The testicles contain Leydig cells that produce androgens (male hormones), giving female rats as much testosterone as males, even more. Biologists conclude this is helpful for rats that depend on their ability to dig soil.

Professor Stefan Mundlos from the Max Planck Institute of Genetic Genetics said: “We hypothesize that in moles, there is not only a change in the gene but also the regulatory regions of the gene.”

The female mole has an individual’s DNA system that is responsible for the production of male hormones in many species. Some DNA fragments appeared at different locations in the mole’s genome compared with other mammals, altering expression levels.

To identify the genetic cause, the team created genetically modified mice like moles. They found that mice are unaffected, but that females produce as much testosterone as males and are in better health than non-GM mice.

The results of the study show the evolutionary importance of the reordering of genes.

In addition, the lead researcher – Professor Thomas Park, a biology expert at the University of Illinois, Chicago, said moles can live up to 5 hours in low oxygen conditions, while humans will die in a few minutes. minutes if that’s the case.

“This is just the latest remarkable examination of the hairless mole – a cold-blooded mole that lives decades longer than other rodents, which rarely develop cancer and are also uncommon. Right kinds of pain, “said the professor.

Scientists say they have used this unique ability to survive in cramped, crowded, and mysterious underground caves where oxygen concentrations fluctuate and can be depleted. fast.


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