Stella Vita – the world’s first solar-powered “mobile home”

It may seem big and bulky, but this cool solar-powered camping van is impressively energy-efficient, able to travel 600 km on a single charge of the battery pack. Its surprisingly small 60 kWh. Stella Vita runs on solar cells is the name that a group of 22 engineering students from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, gave to this unique vehicle, a name that alludes to it getting its life from the sun.In October 2021, this talented group of students wanted to drive their eco-friendly invention from their hometown to the south of Spain. That journey was expected to be about 3,000 km, but after having some technical problems with the car Brand new Stella Vita (forced to transport it on a truck for a third of the way), they finally got it to work as expected and still completed about 2,000 km of the trip on the vehicle’s capacity.Because Stella Vita runs on solar energy Totally, the group of students planned to try not to plug in the charger at all during the test. However, they still had to plug in the car twice as bad weather didn’t allow the car to take full advantage of its solar panels.Currently, this innovative vehicle has no plans to enter mass production, and the Solar Team Eindhoven team has not been approached by any of the major vehicle manufacturers. However, this is still a very cool and interesting project. Recently, the electric vehicle YouTube channel “Fully Charged Show” had the opportunity to approach Stella Vita, and give the audience a detailed look at it.Stella Vita has been designed as a vehicle for two, with a pop-up roof and rear amenities such as a sink, refrigerator, bed and storage space.A group of university students in Eindhoven have been building solar-powered cars since 2013, but this camping van is a different project from their usual family car recipe.The Stella Vita has photovoltaic panels that cover the entire roof which is very flat, and also has additional panels that pop out on the sides, further expanding its sun-catching surface – when the side panels are opened, the area that increased from 8.8 square meters to 17.5 square meters.According to the team, under ideal conditions, it can generate up to 4 kW of power, and this will restore 20 kW of battery life in a day, which equates to an additional 200 km of range. , calculated under driving conditions at 120 km/h.Video: Stella Vita – the world’s first solar-powered “mobile home”.


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