Startech “chants” Tesla Model 3 to be more attractive and cool

Before that, in 2017, Startech also made a surprise when offering a tuning package for the Maserati Levante from Italy. For the world’s most “famous” electric vehicle, Tesla Model 3 degrees Startech has been done a pretty radical overhaul.The results, the design of the vehicle Tesla electric luxury sedan compactness becomes sharper and the interior of the car is also significantly sportier.Specifically, on the outside, Model 3 is equipped with aerodynamic details made from high-quality carbon in the Pur-R-Rim package.This package includes a powerful custom front bumper, a similarly redesigned rear bumper, fixed rear spoiler and new wheel arch extensions for a more muscular, muscular look overall. .Startech price of Tesla Model 3 About 3,144 Euro (about 85.4 million VND) for a package of degrees, customers can also buy individually each item in the package. Also contributing to the Model 3’s look more interesting are the distinctive black polished 20-inch Monostar M alloy wheels.The wheels can be finished in 9J x 20 inch with 245/35 R20 rubber or 10.5J x 20 inch in 285/30 R20 tires. Each rim comes with a silver, blue, red or black aluminum center lid.Startech also offers lowering springs combined with special custom wheels that help lower the chassis by 30 mm, making the look of the Tesla Model 3 more attractive. This undercarriage costs 346 Euro (about 9.4 million VND) while the two aforementioned wheels are priced at 684 Euro and 731 Euro, respectively (about 18.5 and 19.8 million VND).For the interior, Startech has used a lot of carbon fiber and Alcantara accessories for the electric sedan, carbon parts including steering wheel and door trim pieces, while Alcantara covers the entire ceiling, including both the sunshade and the columns. Rounding out the interior upgrades are aluminum pedals. Pricing for these modifications has not been announced by Startech.Video: Details Tesla Model 3 degrees Startech attractive and cooler.


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