Spring 2023 – Think of miracles and roots!

For Vietnamese people, at the end of the lunar year, there is Tet. But with Tet, there is a new age. Old people are happy. Young children are happy to give or eat, grow up quickly. Therefore, Tet is a very important milestone.

For the elderly, Tet is not only a mere milestone of time, but also a milestone of human life, a mark of changes that must be pondered on in terms of humanity. If it is a contemplation, each person thinks in a different way. In different situations, people have different perspectives. From different perspectives there are different ways of thinking. Therefore, the thoughts of this person are not imposed on others, maybe they are just shared when the Spring Festival comes. For me, the age of the exterior of the week is not considered much nowadays, but I have also experienced the Tet holidays that are imprinted in my memory.

In the New Year of the Dog in 1960, the North was rushing into the early stage of building socialism. Although I don’t know what socialism is, the co-operative movement started with a great spirit! I am very excited to join the technical team of the cooperative. Just have words, and healthy children can participate. So forget the hunger, forget the cold, take care of the water lilies and mulberry flowers until the New Year, do not want to rest. People are also very happy because they work together, eat together, although they are still very hungry, it is much better than in 1945 when the whole village ate porridge and bananas! Therefore, when I go to work and teach supplementary classes in the evening, I do not feel tired.

The most exciting is when conveying the poem Thirty years of our life with the Party by poet To Huu. Come to think of it, the level I understood at that time was still not enough, but I was an elderly person when commenting on poetry for supplementary students. That’s why the students were so excited and impressed.

“Sweet, remember when bitter / When you go to the river, you remember the stream, when you have day, you remember the night” is the moral, is to drink water, remember the source. Without the Party, we would still be illiterate, starving, and enslaved! Rivers have water because of streams. Now that we have gone to the river, we must remember the stream, and when we go to the sea tomorrow, we must remember the river. That’s called having an origin, having an origin. But having roots, having new roots can be sustainable.

This spring, GDP growth is more than 8%, it’s a miracle, how can I not be happy. Unfortunately, the people who listened to me “teach poetry” more than half a century ago were all ancient people, unable to celebrate with us this spring, the spring that I talked about in a dream about the distant future. and then go to the big sea tomorrow!”

This spring, the country really went to the big sea! According to the logic I presented more than half a century ago, going to the river, remembering the stream, going to the sea, remembering the river, it is a bit “cultural supplement”! So now when we go to the big sea, what do we remember? It’s right to leave the old, outdated things, but what is new must be in the mind to think! I think, now go to the big sea to remember about… all! That is, remember the river, remember the stream, remember the source, remember the difficult times, but also remember the things that are happening in the present and also the things that will happen in the future with the mind of a knowledgeable person: Know yourself, know people, know things and… know things! Knowing yourself, knowing people probably doesn’t have to explain more, but knowing things and knowing things may also need to be clarified.

As Nguyen Trai said, “the core of humanity is to live in peace”! In the days when the COVID-19 epidemic raged, the whole political system and the whole people got involved, although there are times when there are places that have not completely won, but it must be seen that there are few places in the world like Vietnam. Party and State leaders do not manage day and night directly directing the fight against the epidemic. The country is not rich, but all resources are prioritized for people to fight the epidemic. Leaders directly do “vaccine diplomacy”, so that countries that cannot produce vaccines like Vietnam still have enough vaccines for people with the highest rate in the world.

The country is not rich, but it also spends thousands of billions of dong to share difficulties with people, workers and businesses. Is it the righteous thing, and thanks to the humane policy, the whole people unite to overcome difficulties, quickly change the state from “zero COVID” to safe, flexible, effective adaptation, while fighting the epidemic? economic development. And finally, in 2022 we have had very high growth compared to the region and the world. GDP with 8.02% – is the ideal growth rate for any economy in current conditions.

Inflation is stable, employment is of particular concern. Independent foreign affairs, self-reliance, multilateralization, diversification, and persistence in the policy of “choosing the right” have increasingly made Vietnam’s position higher in the international arena. The Secretary-General of the United Nations highly appreciates Vietnam’s role, considering Vietnam as a model in cooperation with the United Nations. The relations of the three countries of Indochina, Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia maintain a special friendship and cooperation. Relations with China are peaceful and friendly, promote economic cooperation, control disagreements, and maintain peace and stability. With the US and Western countries increasingly developing, especially in free trade. With Japan, Korea, and India, the friendship and cooperation deepened and became more effective. With ASEAN countries, Vietnam always makes positive and practical contributions. In general, Vietnam is really a friend, a reliable partner of the region and the international community!

The things that cannot be mentioned but can be summed up internally and externally are all successful because they clearly show the “righteous work” of Vietnam’s identity. And to be successful, of course you have to know the job. The Party knows its leadership of the whole society in the new conditions. The National Assembly knows the role of legislative, supreme supervision and decision-making on matters of national importance. The government, with its dynamic, creative and decisive executive role, has handled a series of issues with high efficiency, bringing the economy to development and socio-cultural stability. Justice also acts decisively, methodically and effectively.

Knowing what to do is clear, but talking to a country is not easy. However, it can also be understood as a friendly country, respecting other countries, complying with international law and respecting international organizations. Always show the sense of responsibility of the member states of the United Nations, although there are many difficulties, we have tried to send people to join the UN peacekeeping force effectively. The declarations and contributions of Vietnam to the international community and the general development trend are remarkable. As a country with high demand for energy, we have strongly supported reducing emissions by declaring that we will reduce emissions as much as possible in the middle years of the 21st century. The commitment to go hand in hand with action by prioritizing the use of clean and renewable energy which is being strongly deployed in the eyes of the international community is a positive point in recognizing the trend of the times.

Xuan Quy Mao, joy from villages to cities for the spectacular success of 2022. In that joy, the Party, State and the whole people will definitely overcome difficulties and challenges, make good use of opportunities for development. development to bring the country up in the aspiration to become a developed country in the near future. That belief has a practical basis from today’s life. Celebrate the renewal of the country, celebrate the Party, celebrate the spring with the belief of sustainable development, the people are prosperous and happy, the country is strong.

Dr. Nguyen Viet Chuc (According to Government Newspaper)


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