Sports in the parks, De Sanctis: “Excellent opportunity for bowls”

An opportunity to be exploited for the soccer movement. This is the initiative presented by ‘Sport e Salute’ and ANCI, aimed at promoting new models of outdoor sports by creating synergies for the use of municipal green areas.

“I link to the idea launched by the president of FIB Molise, Angelo Spina, who sent a communication to all the mayors and the respective municipal administrations of the region to inform them of the initiative, making himself available if the requalification or setting up of new equipped green areas also focus on the sport of bowls, encouraging them to provide outdoor bowls ”, said Federal President Marco Giunio De Sanctis.

“The sport of bowls is characterized by the fact that it can be practiced anywhere, especially if we refer to the Petanque specialty – in the words of De Sanctis – Parks are the natural riverbed where bowls have always been played. Today we have the opportunity to bring our business back to its historical place ”.

“With the ‘Sport in the parks’ project we would have the opportunity to include our sporting discipline in the green areas of the city, opening up to the establishment of new sports associations that will be able to exploit those spaces, often poorly used”, the thought of De Sanctis.

“I am enthusiastic about this project, which seeing ‘Sport and Health’ and Anci on the pitch must involve mayors, sporting institutions and territorial policies – continued President De Sanctis – Outdoor bowls are a vehicle for image for all our movement and can be an important means for the restart of sport after the end of the health emergency, which we hope will be overcome as soon as possible. The coexistence phase with Covid could still be, more or less, long and we have the opportunity to focus on a non-contact and low-risk sport to be carried out in the open air, in full and complete safety “.

The president of the FIB goes further and thinks about “a Federbocce pilot project for ‘Sport in the parks’, aimed at expanding the training offer with alternative initiatives to the ordinary ones for the sport of bowls”.

“With a well-defined project, to be combined with ‘Sport in the parks’, we could develop new promotional policies for our discipline, implementing the number of other activities that can be practiced in green areas,” concluded De Sanctis.

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