Soon bring the content of Congress Resolution XIII to life

Member of the Politburo, Permanent Member of the Secretariat Vo Van Thuong emphasized in his opening remarks of the National Online Conference to research, study and grasp thoroughly the Resolution of the XIII Congress of the Party, on the morning of March 27.

Implementation of Directive No. 01-CT / TW, dated 9/3/2021 of the Politburo term XIII “On research, study, grasp, propaganda and implementation of the Resolution of the National Congress of deputies The XIIIth Party of the Party ”, this morning (March 27), the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee organized an online conference of the whole country to study, study and grasp thoroughly the Resolution of the XIII Congress of the Party.

Member of the Politburo, Permanent Member of the Secretariat Vo Van Thuong: During the study and study process, the Resolution must promote self-study, self-research, and exemplary self-awareness of Party members, especially heads of all levels of Party committees and organizations. Photo: VGP / Nhat Bac

Attending the meeting were Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc; National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan; Standing Secretary of Vo Van Thuong; members of the Politburo, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, former member of the Politburo, former Secretary of the Party Central Committee; leaders of departments, ministries, central branches, provincial party committees, city party committees, Party committees directly under the Central Government, agencies, units, key cadres at provincial, district, grassroots level of provinces, … together with more than 959 thousand are cadres and party members at 7,439 bridge points from the central to grassroots levels nationwide.

Photo: VGP / Nhat Bac

Mastering the core content, new points

The conference has a very important cognitive significance; to help cadres and party members grasp core content, new points in documents of the 13th National Congress of the Party. On that basis, the Party committees at all levels lead and directed the formulation of action plans to organize the implementation of the Resolution of the XIII Congress, and at the same time propagate widely throughout the Party, the entire people and the entire army, creating a tradition. most on will and action in the process of implementing the Resolution.

Member of the Politburo, Standing Member of the Party Secretariat Vo Van Thuong emphasized that the XIII National Congress of the Party has been very successful. The congress’s success has contributed to reinforcing the people’s confidence in the leadership of the Party and the country’s renewal cause, encouraging the entire Party, the entire people, and the entire army to uphold the spirit of patriotism. , the will and aspirations for national development, striving to become a socialist-oriented developed country in the mid-21st century.

The documents of the XIII Congress of the Party have been prepared very meticulously, thoughtfully, methodically, through many times, many rounds, step by step perfected, with many important innovations in content and methods, deeply grasped. Principles combine perfectly between theory and practice, between steadfastness and innovation, between inheritance and development on the basis of promoting democracy widely. The documents have really summarized and crystallized the wisdom of the entire Party and people, clearly showing the Party’s will, people’s hearts, the determination and will of the nation to develop and firmly defend the Fatherland of Vietnam. Socialism.

In order to ensure high results of research, study, grasping, propaganda and implementation of the Resolution of the XIII Congress of the Party, all levels of Party committees, Party organizations, Fatherland Front, unions, especially the leaders does some focus.

Specifically, it is necessary to be deeply aware of learning research, grasping, propagating and implementing the Resolution of the XIII Congress of the Party is a regular work, must be done in a serious, methodical and scientific manner. during the term and is a key task in 2021, is a wave of extensive political activities within the Party and the political system for each member of the Party to grasp and properly implement the Resolution of the Party, creating marked change in awareness, unification of will and action throughout the Party, creating a high consensus among the people, promoting high patriotism, will of self-reliance, self-reliance, and the strength of the congregation. unite the nation and aspire to develop a prosperous, happy country, and determined to strive to successfully implement the Party’s Resolution of the 13th Congress.

At the same time, contribute to building a strong Party in politics, thought, morality, organization and cadres, prevent and repel the deterioration of morality, lifestyle, manifestations of self-development and self-transformation. internally, rectify misperceptions, protect the Party’s ideological foundation, fight against wrong, hostile and distorted views.

Photo: VGP / Nhat Bac

Promote self-study, self-study, exemplary self-awareness

Besides, the implementation of learning research, grasping and propagating the Resolution should be conducted seriously and with quality. Focus on clarifying the core views, contents, new guidelines in the XIII Congress documents from the overview, new approach, general goal, major orientations, key tasks, major targets, strategic breakthroughs to clearly see the inheritance, supplement and develop the Party’s theoretical thinking, grasp lessons learned from the achievements of 35 years of national renewal, especially for 5 years. implementing the Resolution of the XII Congress, fully identifying the advantages, opportunities, difficulties, challenges and duties of the party committees in the coming time, contacting to apply in accordance with the specific requirements and conditions of each local units to identify and well implement political tasks in the 2021-2025 term.

In the process of study and study, the Resolution must uphold the self-study, self-study and exemplary self-awareness of Party members, especially the heads of the Party committees and organizations.

Propaganda of the Resolution of the XIII Congress of the Party must be conducted regularly, persistently, synchronously and creatively with many diversified forms, suitable for each object, promoting the synergy of the system. Propaganda system at all levels, press agencies to publish, a contingent of lecturers of political theory, writers and artists, reporters and communicators. During the propaganda process, it is necessary to promptly explain concerns of officials, party members and people about the content of the Resolution. Timely rectifying incorrect perceptions, proactively orienting public opinion, creating a positive consensus in society. Resolutely fight against hostile wrong views.

Comrade Vo Van Thuong emphasized that studying, grasping and propagating the XIII Congress’s Resolution is only the first step, it is important to soon bring the content of the Resolution into practice in life, to go hand in hand with Do, deeply imbue the teachings of Uncle Ho: “The 10 part plan, the 20 part measure and the 30 part determination”. Turning the decisions of the Congress into a vivid reality in reality, material wealth, bringing wealth and happiness to the people as Mr. General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong emphasized during the session. Closing Congress XIII.

Immediately after the Conference, all levels of Party committees and organizations must focus on building action plans concretizing with feasible plans, projects and projects with actual conditions, quantifying results, contribute to improving the people’s life and the strong development of each locality and unit.

In particular, central agencies, according to their functions and tasks, focus on researching, early concretizing and institutionalizing the content of the XIII Congress’s Resolution into laws, mechanisms and policies for early implementation. life. Timely overcome weak limitations that the Congress pointed out.

Strengthen the inspection, supervision and assessment of the quality of learning research, grasp and propagate the Resolution of the Congress and the development of action programs to implement the Resolution of each locality and unit. Thoroughly overcome the disease form, through loudspeaker, roughly. Timely discovering, commend and reward collectives and individuals with achievements in academic research, especially the effective implementation of the Resolution of the XIII Congress of the Party at each level.

“With a high sense of responsibility of each comrade attending the conference, I believe that our Conference will get good results, creating a premise, an important foundation for the implementation of the Resolution. XIII Congress of the Party at all levels in the coming time “, Comrade Vo Van Thuong expressed.

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