Son Tung sang live new compositions, Jack was “caught” on social networks

Will Son Tung M-TP and Jack have ‘clash’ each other in the next product launch? – Photo: FBNV

* Ly Hai affirms that 30 years in the profession have never used tricks

As of April 21 noon, Turn over: 48H Ly Hai’s revenue generated more than 73.5 billion. Many predict that this figure will quickly reach the 150 billion mark, because it is still a movie with many screenings at the box office.

Son Tung sang live new compositions, Jack was arrested on social networks - Photo 2.

The image of Ly Hai on set – Photo: FBNV

Recently, Ly Hai wrote on his personal page to share his feelings about the film. He asserted he did not use gimmicks to PR movies, and added if the film If the show hasn’t been postponed for nearly a year, maybe Turn over 6 also finished.

“For more than 30 years in the profession, Ly Hai never uses tricks but goes up with her own feet, so I hope everyone understands for Ly Hai. Spread love and give each other good things, live on life is not all love each other, anyone can do harm to each other.

Please do not hurt each other with good words by facts without clear verification, “he wrote.

Another information is the manufacturer Mysterious singer just announced that Ly Hai will be sitting in the hot seat at the show. This is the first time he has participated in a TV show as a judge.

* ‘National tomorrow star 2019’ Quach Mai Thy brings folk literature to music

National Sao Mai Champion 2019 Quach Mai Thy has just introduced to the public a music project inspired by Vietnamese folklore. Thy – Niang. This is the product that marked her way after 2 years of coronation.

Son Tung sang live new compositions, Jack was arrested on social networks - Photo 3.

Singer Quach Mai Thy – Photo: FBNV

The project includes MV Enthusiastic item, 2 songs Wait for him and Ngoc Hoa chorus. These songs were composed by young musician Tran Khanh Ly. Quach Mai Thy said the inspiration of characters in Vietnamese folklore to put into music will be the starting point for her music path.

In the near future, Quach Mai Thy will continue to produce contemporary folk-style products to be able to reach the music needs of young audiences.

* Son Tung sang new compositions live, Jack deleted the misspelled status line

On the evening of April 21, Son Tung uploaded a video of himself with a piano accompaniment and sang a new song live will be released on April 24. “For the purpose of this video, I will re-sing the melody used in Can Tho of the song It’s late, but why. On the piano music background, the song will be clearer and more emotional, “said Son Tung.

Son Tung ‘teased the song’ It’s late, but why still ‘- Source: M-TP

Under the comments, the audience eagerly looked forward to the first product of Son Tung M-TP in 2021.

However, there are also many opinions that the music is not catchy and “heard drifting”. Some doubts whether the new song of Son Tung M-TP will help him regain his form, after successive struggles from private life to plagiarism suspicion recently?

Meanwhile, many viewers also said that Jack was moving to “show off” new compositions on social networks when writing a line of “teasing” new compositions.

However, the unfortunate thing is the voice Begonia flowers he makes basic spelling mistakes even though he only writes 4 short, verbatim sentences as follows:

“I pass through the three suburbs, my feet are like yes shy dry / Yellow cheetah concerts the song, I wish to pick flowers to decorate the lake. I’m … / Please network let me take you home “.

Son Tung sang live new compositions, Jack was arrested on social networks - Photo 5.

Jack’s two recent products ‘Fireflies’ and ‘Laylalay’ have received mixed opinions – Photo: FBNV

Many netizens have commented on Jack’s mistakes such as “not afraid to dry”, not “sure”, or “asking for permission”, not “asking for permission”. After the post received many responses, the singer removed this status line.

Ignoring the misspelling, many viewers think that if this is the next song, when introduced at this time, is Jack looking to confront Son Tung M-TP directly? If so, this will be a fierce battle, because both are singers with the most powerful fans in the entertainment industry.

* Jung Ilhoon admits to buying and using marijuana

In December 2020, Jung Ilhoon was arrested for buying and using marijuana illegally. Shortly thereafter, Cube Entertainment announced the male singer left the group BTOB.

Son Tung sang live new compositions, Jack was arrested on social networks - Photo 6.

Jung Ilhoon used to be a member of the idol group BTOB – Photo: Twitter

During the period from July 2016 to January 2019, Ilhoon and seven accomplices bought 826 grams of marijuana for 130 million won (about 2.6 billion dong).

On April 22, Ilhoon’s legal representative announced that the defendant admitted all allegations and was reviewing his wrongdoings at the first hearing.

7 other defendants who were prosecuted along with the male idol have also admitted the charges. The second hearing will take place on May 20.


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