Son Tung M-TP launches archery comic book from MV ‘Lac Drift’

Son Tung M-TP represents MTP Entertainment to participate in the event – Photo: THUY DUNG

On the afternoon of December 29, POPS and MTP Entertainment have just launched a comic project Get lost Inspired by the character of Son Tung M-TP in the famous MV of the same name released in 2017.

Sharing about this special collaboration, Son Tung M-TP shared: “The song Get lost marked a huge turning point in my career and it was also the beginning of a group called M-TP Entertainment.

I want to give a version to those who love it Get lost The other contains more fresh content. Hope the audience will love and support this project ”.

Son Tung M-TP launches archery comic book from MV Lac Drift - Photo 2.

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Tan, representative of POPS issuer (left) and Son Tung M-TP answered about Lac Drift comics – Photo: THUY DUNG

Comic books are written by two famous authors in the Vietnamese comic world. Writer is Nguyen Huynh Bao Chau (Chau Chay) – the author of many famous comics such as Bad luck, My brother is a dinosaur, Office life as a screenwriter.

And the artist is Can Tieu Hy – the owner of the silver prize at the Japan International Comic Competition with her work Hell subjects.

Expected to include 100 chapters, comic books Get lost Continue writing the prince’s story in the MV of the same name. Set in the fantasy nation of Dai Nam, the series revolves around the ups and downs life of Nine Prince Tran Dang Son – who is estranged and despised due to low background. This character design was inspired by Son Tung M-TP with silver hair in the MV Get lost.

Son Tung M-TP launches an archery comic from the MV Lac Drift - Photo 3.

The image of prince Tran Dang Son in the comics is similar to that of Son Tung M-TP in the MV Lac Drift – Photo: THUY DUNG

The story begins with the background of King Tran La’s banquet. While the princess bowls for the Khoi Lien dance, the prince offered the jewels, Prince Tran Dang Son offered the king a dish of water-drifting tea – “gift” that many people despised.

However, the prince is praised by the king’s father because it is a tea similar to the taste of the queen used to cook. His heart was full of jealousy, the prince let the man stop the way to beat the prince, and the prince tried to wait patiently for the day of revenge. It can be seen that the series will be a journey of revenge and the war for the throne.

Developments in the opening two chapters show the content of the comic Get lost somewhat similar to the archery and throne tales in historical dramas.

Son Tung M-TP launches archery comic book from MV Lac Drift - Photo 4.

Comics will release in 3 formats: paper, webtoon and movingtoon – Photo: THUY DUNG

According to the issuer, Get lost will be available in 3 formats: paper comic due June-2021, webtoon (digital comic) January 4, 2021 and movingtoon (digital comic with motion and sound. bar) scheduled to launch in March 2021.

Get lost is a famous song by Son Tung M-TP released in 2017. The music video is feverish thanks to the combination of beautiful background. The MV also quickly became one of the world’s most popular just one day after its release, bringing the name of Son Tung M-TP to the world.

MV Lac Drift – Son Tung M-TP


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