Son Tung M-TP apologizes, MV ‘There’s no one at all’ just stopped releasing in Vietnam

Image when accessing the MV “There’s no one at all” by Son Tung M-TP – Screenshot

On the evening of April 29, MV There’s no one at all on the YouTube channel Son Tung M-TP Official has been hidden. When accessing the MV link, the user receives the message “Video not available. The uploader does not provide this video in your country”.

On the official fanpage of Son Tung M-TP, the singer apologized to the public for the product carrying his negative living message:

“Tung sincerely wants to send a sincere apology to everyone who has had uncomfortable feelings after watching this MV. This is really not what Tung or M-TP Entertainment wanted. .

Tung always understands his position and influence on young people. Tung always wants to bring the best values ​​​​to society as well as to his homeland Vietnam.

Therefore, Tung and the company, with the spirit of seeking and listening, will actively stop releasing the MV There’s no one at all“.

Son Tung M-TP also added MV There’s no one at all Filming was completed in January of this year. On April 28, he released the product and received a wave of criticism from the public.

Talking about negative life messages that negatively affect young people, Son Tung M-TP explained:The purpose of building this image Tung wants through the MV to be able to convey the message: Let’s understand the feelings inside lonely people, understand to love, protect, and open our hearts. before it’s too late.

Besides, Tung also wants to share his sympathy with the unfortunate lives out there that you are not alone, there are many people just like you.

Earlier on the afternoon of April 29, the Inspector of the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City had an invitation to Nguyen Thanh Tung (stage name Son Tung M-TP) to work and provide information related to the MV. There’s no one at all.

According to the Inspector of the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City, the MV caused public outrage because of the negative and violent spirit that negatively affects young people. The Department of Information and Communication has agreed and coordinated with the Department of Culture and Sports of Ho Chi Minh City to request artist Son Tung M-TP to work and provide information.


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