Son Tung lost billions because he had to destroy the MV, Thanh Lam advised Duc Tuan to apologize to the audience

From left to right: Son Tung M-TP, Thanh Lam, Thao Tam, Ho Trung Dung (in the program Instead of words to say) – Photo: Facebook artist, film crew

Son Tung lost billions because he had to destroy MV

After MV There’s no one at all controversially, the male singer was fined 70 million dong along with having to destroy the product and remove it from all money-making platforms. Before such a large penalty, public opinion is interested in the number of damages.

Son Tung lost billions because he had to destroy the MV, Thanh Lam advised Duc Tuan to apologize to the audience - Photo 2.

Son Tung M-TP lost money and reputation – Photo: Facebook M-TP

With a YouTube channel of the same caliber as Son Tung’s (with 9.92 million subscribers), plus the fact that the MV has millions of views within just a few days of its release, the revenue can range from a few hundred million to more than 1 billion. copper.

Now, when the song and MV not released on any platform in both Vietnam and abroad, the amount of damage can be up to billions of dong, not including the production and promotion costs for a “dead” MV.

Thanh Lam advised Duc Tuan to apologize to the audience

On May 6, singer Thanh Lam suddenly revealed the behind-the-scenes story of Trinh’s music night “Connecting the heritage” that took place on the evening of April 30 in Hoi An.

She said that musician Quoc Trung requires the singers in the program to practice very seriously and to run the program the day before the concert. But according to Thanh Lam’s daughter, while she was practicing for the program, Duc Tuan left again.

Son Tung lost billions because he had to destroy the MV, Thanh Lam advised Duc Tuan to apologize to the audience - Photo 3.

Thanh Lam sang in the rain, Duc Tuan sang without a band on the night “Connecting the heritage” – Photo: Provided by the Organizing Committee

Thanh Lam said that Duc Tuan did not practice with the band, so he had to sing vegetarian in Trinh’s music night. This also surprised the audience, they thought this was the intention of the show. However, according to Thanh Lam, the band still practices Duc Tuan’s performance. Responding to a newspaper, she advised Duc Tuan to apologize to the audience and colleagues.

“Connecting the heritage domain” is a large-scale Trinh music night, Thanh Lam herself and many artists also have to practice seriously under the strict direction of musician Quoc Trung.

Thao Tam “Blue Eyes” plays a movie with H’Hen Niê

</p> <p class="">Used to attract attention with the role of Hong in <i>Blue eyes</i>Nguyen Lam Thao Tam was invited to act in an action movie<i> 578 – Madman’s Shot</i> in the role of the person who confronts the character Bao Vy (H’Hen Niê). </p> <div class="VCSortableInPreviewMode active" type="Photo" style=""> <div><img loading="lazy" src="" id="img_832023a0-cde1-11ec-a1d3-1f3f8c2ad559" w="1000" h="700" alt="Son Tung lost billions because he had to destroy the MV, Thanh Lam advised Duc Tuan to apologize to the audience - Photo 4." title="Son Tung lost billions because he had to destroy the MV, Thanh Lam advised Duc Tuan to apologize to the audience - Photo 4." rel="lightbox" photoid="832023a0-cde1-11ec-a1d3-1f3f8c2ad559" type="photo" style="max-width:100%;" data-original="" width="" height=""/></div> <div class="PhotoCMS_Caption"> <p data-placeholder="[nhập chú thích]" class="">Thao Tam (left) and H’Hen Niê in the movie 578 – The shot of the madman – Photo: Provided by the film crew</p> </div> </div> <p class="">In the trailer <i>578</i>, Thao Tam appeared with a feminine and gentle image. According to the producer’s share, Thao Tam’s character contains many secrets, possibly being a companion or competitor of H’Hen Niê in the movie.</p> <p class="">Born in 2000, Thao Tam is the MC, the winner of EF Challenge Vietnam in 2016 and the representative of Vietnamese youth to attend the 2016 World Young Leaders Forum in Brazil. She is also known by the nickname “Hot girl IELTS”.</p> <p class=""><b>Instead of words to say: How long has it been since I cried! </b></p> <p class="">How long have we not really lived in happiness, how long have we forgotten to express our feelings to our loved ones, and how long have we lost our fluttering emotions before an object, event, a situation or a life? </p> <p class=""><span style="">The audience’s feelings about forgotten emotions, moments of hiding tears… will be told in May’s Change of Words with the theme “It’s been a long time since I cried!”.</span></p> <div class="VCSortableInPreviewMode active" type="Photo" style=""> <div><img loading="lazy" src="" id="img_7239bb70-cddf-11ec-8d2b-930fea17cc2d" w="1000" h="667" alt="Son Tung lost billions because he had to destroy the MV, Thanh Lam advised Duc Tuan to apologize to the audience - Photo 5." title="Son Tung lost billions because he had to destroy the MV, Thanh Lam advised Duc Tuan to apologize to the audience - Photo 5." rel="lightbox" photoid="7239bb70-cddf-11ec-8d2b-930fea17cc2d" type="photo" data-original="" width="" height=""/></div> <div class="PhotoCMS_Caption"> <p data-placeholder="[nhập chú thích]" class="">Singer Ho Trung Dung participates in “Changing words to say in May” – Photo: HTV</p> </div> </div> <p class=""><span style="">In addition to the quiet minutes with many shared stories, the program also has songs </span><i style="">Polymorphic angle, The wind blows over the hill, Happy day, When my mother cries, Sweet pain, The night I see you is a waterfall, Afraid of love, Thank life</i><span style=""> through the voices of singers Ta Minh Tam, My Hanh, Ho Trung Dung, Quy Binh, Trieu Loc, Chi Huy…</span><span style=""> </span></p> <p class=""><span style="">Instead of saying something takes place at the HTV Theater and is broadcast live at 9pm on May 8 on HTV9. </span></p> </p></div> <p> .<br /> <br /></p> <!-- Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin: --> <div 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