Son of Bau Hien Do Quang Vinh: ‘I think when SHB needs me’

Do Quang Vinh returned to Vietnam after three years as CEO of T&T in the US. This time, the eldest son of Mr. Do Quang Hien, Chairman of Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) took his first assignment as Deputy Director of SHB Retail Banking.

Future successor of SHB bAssigned a 15 m2 working room on Tran Hung Dao street. This is the only vacant room in the building so he handed it over to Vinh when he returned … His desk used only industrial wood, on the table there were no decorations other than personal photos and plant pots Small relatives and friends donated. Vinh said he does not need to be too picky, he doesn’t like the luxury and efficiency of his work.

– Previously, he shared that when he returned to Vietnam he would work at T&T, not SHB. But now why do you choose a bank and start in a position as deputy director of the block despite being the chairman’s son?

– I think I’m more and more matured, so it’s normal to change my mind compared to many years ago. The third capital always directs me to this environment. SHB is also the bank that he devoted all his efforts to building, where I have the same connection as all family members. When I returned to SHB, I was like going back to my family.

As the F1 generation in a successful family, of course I am also reminded of the responsibility of succession. I put that pressure on myself from sitting in the school chair. Not to mention, the major I have chosen and studied is finance and T & T’s retail segment or the bank’s retail segment also have similarities.

There is another reason that SHB now needs a breakthrough to be more modern. In the past, the bank mainly relied on traditional customers with limited access to technology, young customers and retail segments. I think the bank needs a new wind, needs me to change.

I like to work in retail, services related things, technology, digital transformation, generally modernity, customer experience. On this point I confidently have an advantage over three. With my youth, I think I can change SHB.

You can see that being a deputy director of a division is not very high with a “warm boy” son of the chairman, who used to be a director in the US … But for myself, this is one of the main positions. latch, well-suited for a start at SHB. But in the next 3-5 years, maybe people will see Do Quang Vinh appear with higher positions. When I have chosen the bank to take my first steps, as well as dedicate, I want to be successful with this choice.

– You consider yourself as “new wind” with the bank, so what conflicts do you encounter with “old winds”?

– When I returned to SHB to accept this position, I was self-aware, the biggest difficulty and challenge is how to reconcile the new thinking of a modern 8x modern young person, with people 6x, 7x generation leaders. With the mindset of someone who has been trained in a foreign country, the first thing is how do I make the “new breeze” not cause disturbance, react to everyone.

In work and life, I always have my own opinion, sometimes not coinciding with the views of other leaders in the bank and even many times conflict with my father. At that time, I always said: “I respect your decision because you are more experienced and also the person at the top of the bank”. I do not hesitate to share and absorb but still reserve my opinion.

Leaders in SHB, I am always ready to discuss, when necessary, argue even though they are the first because we always respect each other and want the best for the bank. It’s not easy to switch thinking or persuade others, but I don’t give up. With my effort, everyone is also respectful and coordinated.

Thought differences are natural, but the important thing is how we reconcile it and how to balance them.

– Digital transformation is something that every bank is talking about and racing very strongly. Over the past time, SHB has been somewhat behind in this field. So what are you going to do to give the bank an advantage?

– SHB will have many changes in the future. Until now, many projects on technology or digital transformation in banking have just stopped at the research stage, and now we have established many related departments.

In addition to my position in the retail sector, I also have a leadership role in many projects, such as the Digital Transformation Manager, the Project Manager of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or on the Existing Committee. modernize SHB. These parts will be a new wind in banking operations, especially the retail sector. The way SHB bank officers interact and customer experience will change. I want to renew SHB’s image to focus on new groups of customers, especially young and successful groups.

Like CRM, we want to bring a total solution for data management at SHB, optimized for operations from business, customer care to marketing. We also plan to build a 360-degree customer database center, and everything will be automated from customer behavior analysis, segmentation to reporting, revenue and profit. We will identify our customers very clearly and will have different care mechanisms to have appropriate policies and products.

As you can see, this is the “new breeze”. This means that SHB will optimize resources to take care of themselves and bring more superior products and services.

It is true that banks are racing with technology that is not a new trend and SHB could be said to go after. But we have no pressure to compete with technology, we choose what works best and when we have the plan, we will do it. Transformation also does not mean massively spending money on technology because with my experience as well as with my experience in Europe and America, even though they are many years ahead, the way to do it is still very traditional. .

In addition, the follower also has its own advantages, can know the strengths and weaknesses of the solutions from the practical application of the previous units. We take advantage of that and choose the right direction.

– Three years ago, he mentioned a goal of trying to succeed to overcome the shadow of “son of Bau Hien”. So now people call him “Bau Hien’s son” or “Do Quang Vinh” more?

– Although it is very difficult to overwhelm being identified as “the son of Bau Hien” in many people’s minds, I think I am gradually realizing this goal. For me, Do Quang Vinh or “son of Bau Hien” will always go hand in hand, but not lose, the children of so famous and successful people are like that in the world. However, everyone has goals and so do I. Maybe in the future, people will not say I am Bau Hien’s son, but they will say the opposite. They will call Bau Hien “father of Do Quang Vinh” instead of calling Bau Hien? (laugh).

Of course, if everyone hears about this goal, they will probably ask the opposite question: “Has my father been proud of me?”. If he was a normal father, I think he was proud. But if in the role of President or the position of “Bau Hien”, I have to try a lot to deserve my expectation. Not many people can really make their parents proud, but that’s my goal. I will try and try to assert myself and succeed. If people later call him “the father of Do Quang Vinh”, I think three Hien will be very proud.

– If you judge yourself against three, how do you feel?

– If I compare it, I see that I am too small but in fact I think I also have a score more than three. Technology example, that’s a great advantage (laughs). In addition, compared to the ability to access new technologies, understand young people, grasp trends and customer needs, I am also confident that I will do better.

The weaknesses are many, the business bravery, experience making strategic decisions are all I have to learn, these are what I respect my father the most. My father is like a robot. He worked very quickly, and the decisions were very precise, that’s what I had to learn.

As an entrepreneur but also quite young, in addition to business, he must have other passions in life. So how do you balance these factors?

– Now I work 10-12 hours a day, this number can be high compared to a normal employee, but in the banking industry it is not worth much. Actually, my conception is that a successful person can do everything in office hours. When they come out of the company, they become mindful, wholehearted about their family and personal preferences.

The ultimate goal of making money is not to enjoy life. It is important to be balanced, doing too much is sometimes ineffective.

Perform: Minh Son

Image: Giang Huy

Design: Duc Viet


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