Some industries postpone hiring more bosses

Consumption, retail and energy are the three industries that have delayed or have little demand for mid- and senior-level personnel in the fourth quarter, according to Navigos.

The Navigos mid- and senior-level recruitment market report has just revealed that many businesses in the industry consumer and retail postponed, stopped or not yet recruited in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The main reason is that businesses focus on disease prevention, so production and business activities are interrupted or only maintained at a low level. Candidates in this field are also not open to new opportunities, due to the impact of Covid-19, to ensure job safety. Therefore, the market is still short of potential candidates for the vacancies.

In the fourth quarter, businesses in the retail industry are gradually reopening, and recruitment demand is forecasted to increase slightly in early 2022. Commercial consumer goods businesses are still recruiting, however. forecast demand this quarter will decrease slightly compared to the third quarter.

In the industry energyDue to the impact of the epidemic, many factories and businesses had to temporarily close, leading to a decrease in energy demand. Having to cut power generation capacity to the grid from 50% to 70% makes it difficult for businesses in the energy sector.

Navigos recorded a decrease in recruitment demand as well as lower pay for positions in the energy industry over the past time. Some businesses have demand but cannot recruit because the salary is lower than the market. Therefore, they had to cut some criteria but still could not find the right person.

Enterprises electrical – electronic, mechanical and furniture production reduced the need to recruit mid- and senior-level personnel by 70% in the last quarter, due to having to focus on implementing “3 on the spot”. “It is forecasted that in the next 6 months, the electricity – electronics industries can recover again with the condition that the epidemic is under control,” the report said.

Meanwhile, in the industry financeNot only large-scale banks, smaller banks and some securities companies have also planned and invested in digital transformation.

Therefore, the demand for personnel at all levels, especially high-quality personnel, for information technology and digital transformation positions continues to increase, especially in application development and technology development positions. technology, transformation management, data management and analysis, marketing and business on digital platforms.

Previously, a general survey of the labor market at all levels in the 4th Covid wave by Navigos said that about 49.9% of enterprises did not cut staff and kept wages and benefits the same as before the pandemic. translation occurs. At the same time, about 11.6% continued to increase recruitment during this time.

In the opposite direction, 9.4% of enterprises chose to cut personnel and reduce wages; 7.3% have cut staff but still keep salary and benefits; and 18.9% chose to cut wages and benefits to reduce costs.

By industry, the majority of businesses in the financial – banking – insurance and information technology sectors did not cut staff, keeping salaries and benefits unchanged. Meanwhile, tourism and hotel businesses cut wages the most.

In terms of ranks, interns – new graduates and inexperienced employees have the most job cuts. The rate of reduction in these two groups was 40.5% and 42.3%, respectively. “In the context of being affected by Covid-19, many businesses tend to retain senior staff or personnel holding mid- and senior-level positions,” the report said.



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