“Soi” Monstermax 8-wheeled monster truck, can swim at sea

Everyone understands that a car is a means of traveling on land, and cannot “swim” at sea. However, pcs Monstermax pickupThe, “eight-wheeled monster” built on Chevrolet Silverado, will probably make people rethink this point. Specifically, this is the latest public attention trick from Cody Detwiler and YouTube channel team “WhistlinDiesel” from Indiana, USA.Detwiler recently got a chance to go to Florida and on the occasion, be able to test one of his craziest dreams: drive to the ocean, play with fish and boats. Chevrolet Silverado Monstermax degrees Not a regular monster truck, its latest version is an 8-wheeled, twin-axle vehicle and equipped with giant 36-inch tires. It was this set of tires that helped it successfully float in the water near Atlantic in Florida, between Longboat Key and Bradenton Beach.Of course, WhistlinDiesel recorded the entire stunt process, from the moment the team took Monstermax out of the trailer and went on to install the giant tires to the start of the “launch” work. In the process, they had a bit of a problem when a police officer said they were not allowed to park their car on the spot at the dock. Detwiler responded that the truck was a “genuine vessel” because it had a boat number, a road registration and a life vest, and they would take it for fishing.It all happened before the police and the coast guard had a chance to stop it. Detwiler drove the truck into the water, with a helicopter and a drone in the sky to record the footage, and a boat next to it in case it needed to pull the car back.The Detwiler was traveling slowly at a speed of about 0.9 km / h, crossed a towing bridge and was about to go to the actual sea when it was stopped by the authorities because the original “boat number was not posted. signed for a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 ”.Detwiler admitted that he didn’t know he had to register the truck Monstermax 8-cake monster literally make a boat.He gave them a license for a boat, not a truck. Detwiler was fined $ 70 for that, and this could be seen as too light a penalty for the attention he has generated.Video: Monstermax 8-wheeled monster truck, can swim at sea.


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