Small difference on purple iPhone 12 compared to the old version

The purple iPhone 12 is the first device Apple applies a new serial number assignment after many years.

In the YouTube channel’s purple iPhone 12 boxed video ZolloTechchannel owner Aaron Zollo confirmed that the serial number on the purple iPhone 12 is only 10 characters long, compared with 11 or 12 characters on previous Apple products.

According to the MacRumors, Purple iPhone 12 is the first device Apple applies a random serial assignment, instead of following the rule as before. The new serial assignment will also apply to other product lines. The serial number on the product is 8-14 characters (initially 10).

Information on how to calculate the serial number has been sent to the partner by Apple since March.

According to the old assignment, the first 2 (or 3) characters correspond to the place of manufacture, the next 2 characters indicate the year and week of manufacture, the next 3 characters are randomly generated and the last 4 characters indicate the model. , color and capacity based on Apple placement.

According to the MacRumors, the way to assign new serial numbers makes it difficult for users and repair parties to know more about the place of manufacture, color or capacity of the product. Apple is expected to adopt the change in 2020, but will delay it due to the impact of the epidemic.

It is not clear whether the purple iPhone 12 mini will use the new serial number. Meanwhile, the AirTag finder accessory still applies the old-fashioned 12-character serial number, at least for now. The new serial assignment will also apply to the iPad Pro, 24-inch iMac, and Apple TV 2021 scheduled to hit shelves by the end of May.


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