Singing hit ‘Eyes’ by Wanbi Tuan Anh helped Trung Hieu win the Stars of Stars in 2021

Compete in the final night How to find stars 2021, candidates go through 3 parts including: solo, duet and advanced.

Meritorious Artist Cao Minh, singers My Le, Quang Ha, Siu Black and director Vu Thanh Vinh sat in the hot seats of the jury. According to director Vu Thanh Vinh, the judging criteria include vocal technique, acting ability, dance skills and interaction with guest singers.

Singing hit Wanbi Tuan Anh's eyes helped Trung Hieu win the Stars of Stars in 2021 - Photo 2.

Jury “Stars to find stars 2021”

In the solo contest, each contestant will perform 2 songs, including 1 song of their choice to match the song. Where are the waves? from the organizers.

Thuy Tien sings Where are the waves – Oh my hometown, while Trung Hieu performed the mashup Where are the waves – Hanoi will return – Dreaming of a far away place. Duc Tho competes with medley Where are the waves – Oh my god – Mother Earth’s heart.

Singing hit Wanbi Tuan Anh's eyes helped Trung Hieu win the Stars of Stars in 2021 - Photo 3.

Contestant Duc Tho brought a lot of emotions to the audience

In the duet competition, the contestants will collaborate with a guest singer to perform revolutionary music, which is meticulously choreographed.

Trieu Loc supported Thuy Tien to bring a colorful performance Chorus of love – Fire on you – Red leaves. Thuy Tien owned the stage and received many compliments from the judges.

Trung Hieu expressed national pride through a medley that brought many emotions Aspiration – The way we go – Tien Quan ca. Supporting Trung Hieu is singer Hong Mo.

And Duc Tho collaborates with Dong Hung through the mashup Winter shirt – The old soldier’s shirt patched by mother thrill the audience.

Judge Cao Minh highly appreciated the contestants who were always searching to have good and fresh performances for revolutionary music.

Singing hit

Singer Trieu Loc supports Thuy Tien’s contest

In the advanced exam, contestants are free to choose music and songs to conquer the judges. Thuy Tien continues to conquer the judges with her high-pitched voice, creating a breakthrough through Why – Baby’s sky – Storm. Singer Trieu Loc continues to support Thuy Tien to spread the message of environmental protection.

Trung Hieu and Hong Mo perform medley Eyes – Lover with a mix of modern melodies and youthful rhythms. The male contestant’s beautiful choreography added extra points to the judges.

Duc Tho collaborates with Dong Hung to compete in 2 songs with Buddhist influences and beliefs about Mother Goddess worshipPhu Phu – Pink lotus of nowhere convey Vietnamese cultural values.

Singing hit Wanbi Tuan Anh's eyes helped Trung Hieu win the Stars of Stars in 2021 - Photo 5.

Trung Hieu conquered the judges and the audience with his special voice

With the skillful selection of songs suitable for the voice, and the outstanding progress through the rounds, Trung Hieu achieved the highest score, crowned the champion. How to find stars 2021 with a prize of 100 million VND. Runner-up belongs to Duc Tho and Thuy Tien.

Singing hit

The crowning moment of the contestants

Why are you looking for stars? is a contest to find musical talents, to follow the music stars of the Vietnamese entertainment market, conducted by HTV and Khang media company.

The contest is also a professional music playground for contestants to compete in music genres such as classical, chamber, revolutionary, folk songs, homeland lyric, youth music…


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