Should you buy a luxury car BMW 320i 2014, more than 600 million in Vietnam?

The BMW 3 Series is a range of vehicles offering exciting performance in the segment, making it an ideal choice for customers who want to experience German cars. If the previous 3 Series generations such as E90 or “antique” E46 are too long ago can make players “falter”, then choose F30 generation BMW 3 Series is a top suggestion, because in fact not everyone can “knock out the box” of the new generation BMW 3 Series (G20) priced from 1.89 to more than 2 billion VND.Compared to before Price BMW 3 Series (F30) has “cooled” even now customers can “touch” 3 Series (F30). For example, a 2014 BMW 320i is not too deep, the previous facelift (Pre-LCI), has rolled about 80,000km is being offered for a public price of 6xx million.This price range of 6xx million dong is much cheaper than the price ranging from 700 to more than 800 million dong for a used 320i (F30). Even cheaper than a 2014 Toyota Camry “G” or “Q” version, which has a price of 700 million VND.BMW 320i of the same life was sold for quite a lot in the price range of about 750 million VND. In general, German luxury cars over 5 years old often lose prices very quickly, the reason is that buyers have to spend a lot of maintenance and maintenance costs in many items compared to popular cars to help them. Stable operation.BMW 320i (F30) version uses a 2.0L (1,998cc) turbocharged twin-intake BMW TwinPower engine with a maximum capacity of 184 horsepower at 5,000-6,000 rpm. rpm and maximum torque of 290Nm is achieved from 1,350 – 4,250 rpm. The power is transmitted to the rear wheel (RWD) through an 8-speed automatic transmission.The interior of the BMW 320i is luxuriously designed and refined, with a 6.5-inch display screen, CD player, Bluetooth connectivity, HD radio … 8-way electric driver’s seat + 2 positions memory, while the extra seats electrically adjustedIn general, the price range of 6xx million dong to own a 2014 BMW 320i is not too deep is a suggestion to “enter” the German car game for many customers who want to experience.In terms of compact performance, safety, brand … then the BMW 3 Series F30 life This is better than the low-end C class sedan option in the same price range.However, to be more secure, buyers should equip themselves with a lot of basic knowledge about used cars or choose a reputable place to buy or ask someone with experience to thoroughly inspect the car to avoid “money loss”. minimizing inconveniences such as the need to repair and replace more items.Video: BMW 328i up to 600 million VND toys in Hanoi.


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