Shortage of drugs and medical supplies: What does the Ministry of Health say?

According to the Ministry of Health, in the past time, in order to ensure timely for contractors, procurement of drugs, supplies and medical equipment for medical examination and treatment in general and for the public. For the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic in particular, the authorities and the Ministry of Health have issued many documents regulating, guiding and urging on bidding and procurement.

However, through the implementation process at units and localities, especially the bidding and procurement for epidemic prevention and control, still revealed a number of difficulties, problems and inadequacies.

Through reflections of press agencies and reports of units and localities, there is currently a shortage of drugs and medical supplies in many places, mainly common medicines and medical supplies belonging to the family. procurement authority of localities and units, affecting medical examination and treatment and people’s health care.

According to the Ministry of Health, the main reason leading to the shortage of drugs and medical supplies is fear, fear of making mistakes, fear of being inspected and tested, so they do not dare to do, do not dare to bid and purchase. of some localities and units, although the Ministry of Health and People’s Committees of provinces and cities have decentralized procurement authority, and assigned autonomy and self-responsibility to the units.

Some localities assigned units to actively bid on their own, instead of centralized bidding as before, but the units were still confused or afraid in organizing the implementation. Some businesses and suppliers are also afraid to supply goods to public entities due to unreasonable prices, complicated and difficult bidding procedures and payment procedures.

Procurement in the medical field sometimes comes from passive demand, depending on factors such as epidemic situation and disease patterns. Especially in the years 2020-2021, which are two years heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, many bidding packages must be purchased in the form of shortened appointment of contractors, selecting contractors in an emergency to serve them. for anti-epidemic needs.

Shortage of drugs and medical supplies: What does the Ministry of Health say?. Documentary photos

According to the Ministry of Health, another reason is the understanding and implementation of Decree No. 60/2021/ND-CP dated June 21, 2021 of the Government stipulating the financial autonomy mechanism of public non-business units. The authority to decide on procurement from revenue sources of public non-business units that are assigned financial autonomy has not been unified, leading to a delay in bidding and procurement of public non-business units. organizing the bidding for selection of contractors to provide properties, goods and services since the effective date of this Decree.

At the same time, the expiration of the registration number of some drugs led to a delay in bidding compared to the plan.

In order to strengthen capacity, efficiency, practice thrift, and fight waste in procurement and bidding at affiliated and affiliated units, the Ministry of Health requires units to make plans to select contractors to supply suppliers. supply of goods and services used in medical examination and treatment.

The construction and planning of contractor selection at the units must ensure the initiative, publicity, transparency, inheritance and reasonable contingency to avoid the passive situation between planning periods affecting affect the operations of the entity.

Determine demand, make detailed and reasonable forecasts on the list, types and quantities of equipment, goods, services, drugs, chemicals, biological products, tools and consumables expected needs to be purchased in the plan year, especially in the case that new equipment, goods, services, drugs, chemicals, biological products, tools and consumables are added to the shopping list due to demand. increase or apply a list of new technical services put into use compared to the preceding year.

Previously, facing the risk of shortage of drugs and medical supplies, the Ministry of Health issued Official Letter No. 2206/BYT-BH urging the procurement and bidding of drugs and medical supplies to meet the medical examination and treatment covered by insurance. medical. The Ministry of Health requires units and localities to procure and bid for drugs and medical supplies in order to supply them adequately and promptly, ensuring the interests of health insurance participants.

Faced with the current situation, the Ministry of Health recommends that heads of units be responsible for bidding, procuring drugs, medical supplies and equipment according to their competence and in accordance with law, ensuring ensure that there are enough drugs, supplies and equipment to serve the people’s health care needs.

The Ministry of Health also suggested that government leaders at all levels strengthen the direction, inspection and supervision of non-business units under their management in the area. At the same time, take specific measures to assign heads of public non-business units to take responsibility if there is a shortage of drugs, chemicals and medical supplies in service of medical examination and treatment. and disease prevention and control for people in the area.

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