Shark Linh answered directly about financial investment this afternoon on eBox

Speaker Thai Van Linh will join the livestream on eBox to share and answer on the topic of savings and financial autonomy at 3pm this afternoon, September 25.

On the last day of the eConference “Retirement in peace, financial security”, Shark Linh will spend time sharing her path to financial independence and success. In addition, questions about finance from participants will be answered in detail by Shark Linh, based on many years of experience working in the US and Vietnam.

Growing up in difficult circumstances in the US, Shark Linh once said, the family’s economic conditions were not well-off, so from the age of 7, he sold candy in school to earn money to buy things he liked. These experiences helped her gradually understand financial self-control and find her own path.

Personal experiences have been drawn by Thai Van Linh into principles and lessons and will be used to advise and answer the audience of the eBox this afternoon.

Ms. Thai Van Linh. Photo: NVCC

This Livestream is part of the Talk “Retirement in peace, financial security” taking place in 3 days from September 23 to 25. In which, on September 25, there were two Livestream sessions of Shark Linh at 3pm this afternoon and Dr. Nguyen Tri Hieu the same evening.

To participate in asking questions for Shark Linh and Dr. Nguyen Tri Hieu, the audience can find out and buy tickets to participate in the eBox: “Retirement comfortably, financially safe” here.

Ticket buyers can watch all 8 premiere videos that took place and 2 Livestream videos with a total of 5 speakers within the next month.


More than 1,000 people have signed up to join the eBox. Screenshots

eBox is an experience sharing platform created by VnExpress built, to help the community access knowledge and practical lessons easily through the form of eConference – online sharing from speakers who are deeply involved in many fields. With the core of practical lessons and solutions, eBox will effectively support the process of mastering life and conquering success.

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