Shake Siu MoMo brings incentives for the God of Fortune to users

MoMo wallet offers millions of valuable gifts to users in the chain of events “Vía Than Tai” of the program Lak Xì season 3, from 15:00 to 18:00 on February 22.

When participating in the program “Shake Shake 2021” on this occasion, users will have the opportunity to win valuable gifts such as: SBJ Gold 9999 Sacombank – SBJ; 20 Sacombank – SBJ Gold Lottery; two iPhone 12 phones, two Apple Watch from FPT Shop; Millions of red packets in cash … There are also discount gift cards at supermarkets, commercial centers, health care facilities, beauty …

“Since this year’s Wallet Day falls on Sunday (February 21), we decided to hold it for two days, Friday (February 19) and Monday (February 22) so that users will have a lot of room. Festival to play and share with friends and colleagues “, said Mr. Nguyen Ba Diep, co-founder, Vice Chairman of Wallet MoMo.

On the first day of the organization, the “Vía Than Tai” event received positive feedback from users, on social networks, Shakei participants continuously posted pictures of lucky gifts received such as: Gifts for Macbook , iPhone, valuable gift puzzle pieces, red envelopes, red envelopes …

“Participating in Lak Si event, users can not only receive valuable gifts but also a sign of wealth and fortune for a prosperous and prosperous new year”, Mr. Diep said.

Program “Shake Poker 2021” attracts millions of players on MoMo Wallet application. Photo: MoMo Wallet.

Representative of MoMo said that after more than three weeks, the program “Lak Xì 2021” attracted 8 million players, 300 million participants. New Year’s Eve and the first day of the New Year, MoMo Wallet recorded 5 million users with 25 million lucky red packets being donated on this e-wallet.

In previous events, lucky users received attractive prizes such as: Red packets of 100 million in cash, 10 savings books of 9 million and 300 thousand red envelopes in cash with different denominations. and more than 100 million gift cards have been sent to the wallet.

From now to March 5, every weekday (Monday to Friday), the program Shake Xie on MoMo wallet will hold a “Great Golden Hour” from 15:00 to 18:00 with hundreds of thousands of lucky money bags. attractions with value and gift cards.

Specifically, from March 1 – 5, the time frame from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm – 6:00 pm, participants will have the opportunity to receive 2 red packets 10 million in cash, 50 lucky money bags 1 million in cash and millions of other red packets from partner Heineken.

From February 23 to 26, March 1 and March 4, the event “Shaking hexagrams to play spring – Get lucky money” participants have a chance to win lucky money in cash of 50 million dong, one free one year of listening to calling, recharging 3G or 4G data, rare pearls and lots of lucky money from OCB OMNI digital bank and Liberty Vietnam Insurance.

Users have the opportunity to win gifts and cash red packets.  Photo: MoMo Wallet.

Users have the opportunity to win gifts and cash red packets. Photo: MoMo Wallet.

In addition to the awards according to each online event, “Lak Xì 2021” also has the final prize when the player collects all 8 gems (needle, wood, water, fire, earth, blessing, fortune, and longevity) to gold ticket exchange to join the association 12 billion. Players will choose 1 of 3 bonus packages worth 1, 3 or 8 billion VND. The amount of the final bonus received depends on the bonus package selected and the number of people with an equivalent selection.

“Shake Poker 2021 fully converges the elements of a Tet entertainment program such as: Fun, beautiful interface, simple rules and stimulating friends to interact, exchange, chat with millions of gifts. incentives and attractive prizes … The program has brought memorable experiences and lots of lucky fortune at the beginning of the year for MoMo E-Wallet users in the first days of the year “, said representative of MoMo Wallet.

Nguyen Le

The affiliates of the program Lac Si 2021: FPT Shop, Circle K, Vincom Retail, Galaxy Play, Vietnam Airlines, AIA Vietnam, Ban Viet Bank, Cetaphil, Heineken, Phuc Long Coffee & Tea House, LOTTE Mart & Speed ​​L, Plus Coffee, The Pizza Company, be, Tiki, Lazada, BAEMIN, Timo Digital Bank, OCB OMNI Digital Bank, PVOIL & COMECO, Careplus International Clinic System, Liberty Insurance (Vietnam), Strongbow, Sacombank – SBJ and MayQ Share.


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