Severe infection, hand bone destruction because of a bunch of cigarettes to treat arthritis

Two years ago, the patient began to experience pain in the left elbow joint. The pain was mild at first, persistent, gradually getting worse, the patient went to many hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City for examination and treatment.

After many visits, the patient was diagnosed with elbow arthritis/degenerative left elbow joint and took medical treatment for many months, but no pain relief.

Following the recommendation of an acquaintance, she sought out a method of applying medicine and leaves at a famous “teacher” in Tay Ninh in the hope of ending the pain.

After a few months of treatment, the condition not only did not improve, but became worse. The left elbow is more and more swollen, red, the skin surface appears many pustules, oozing fluid.

Doctor Nguyen Duy Toan, Department of Trauma and Orthopedics of the hospital, said that this is a serious infection, the patient after receiving first aid for the wound was assigned to do tests, ultrasounds, x-rays. . Subclinical results showed that the patient had pus leakage into the skin, inflamed joint organs, bone loss in the entire head of the joint, and osteomyelitis.

The team made an incision to get pus, removed the necrotic parts, fixed the outside of the elbow joint, and established a system of continuous irrigation of the patient’s hand. After a week of treatment, the infection was reduced, the patient was eating well and pain was gone.

After surgery, the patient’s hand is immobilized and treatment continues. Photo: BVCC,

According to Dr. Toan, at present, people are still very subjective about their health problems, or listen to tips, folk remedies, etc., or believe in advertisements on the internet about cures. has no scientific basis. Complications of these methods are unpredictable, ranging from infection to disability, sometimes to the critical state of septic shock.

“For cases of bone fractures, joint pain, people should not apply medicine, apply leaves or massage with oils, alcohol … but go to a reputable medical examination and treatment facility that specializes in muscle – bones – joints for proper diagnosis and treatment” – Doctor Toan recommended.

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