Seeing the wild dog constantly “bowing” to him, the boy who followed saw a sad scene

The boy felt extremely confused by the wild dog’s actions, so he followed it, unexpectedly discovering the heartbreaking incident.

Dogs are the most loyal pets, they are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect their owners. However, many people after adopting dogs are irresponsible, ready to abandon them when they feel they have expired.

Recently, a guy shared a story about a stray dog ​​on Weibo, China, attracting the attention of many online communities.

Accordingly, during a walk with his sister at a park near his house, a dog suddenly ran in front of him. The dog’s posture is very strange, it sits on its hind legs, the front legs make a bowing motion. The animal looked straight at him and barked intermittently.

At first, the boy felt extremely confused by the unusual behavior of the dog. However, feeling like the dog was in need of help, he decided to follow it to a corner of the park, and the sight that appeared before him stunned him.

As it turned out, the strange dog had brought him to meet the children it was hiding in a nearby corner. They seem to be a pack of wild dogs, with up to seven puppies about two or three months old.

Their eyes are blurred and their mental state is unstable. Some of them barked continuously, it is not clear whether they were frightened by the presence of strangers or because they were starved for a long time.

Witnessing the pitiful sight of the dogs, the boy finally understood the meaning of the mother dog’s strange actions. As it turns out, the smart dog is begging for help from the human, hoping he will adopt its poor pups.

Through searching for information from local people, the young man discovered that these dogs were originally not wild dogs.

Before, they were pets in a family, however, after the wife became pregnant, the family head decided to throw them out on the street to prevent the pregnant woman and the fetus from being infected with diseases from animal.

The boy was very surprised when he discovered a pack of wild dogs in the corner of the park (Photo: Sohu)

After being abandoned by their owners, no matter how harsh the weather, the dogs refused to leave. Every day they are loitering near the house waiting for the owner to open the door to let them in, looking extremely hungry and poor.

After learning the cause of the incident, the young man felt extremely angry, wondering why there was such a cruel owner.

He decided to adopt two of the seven puppies first. At the same time, share this story on social networks, thereby finding people who can help adopt the remaining dogs.

As for the dogs, when seeing someone help, the mother dog was overjoyed and ran around his legs, as if to say thank you to the benefactor. He walked up to his children, licking them affectionately as if to say goodbye.

Mother dog kisses her puppy goodbye (Photo: Sohu)

Witnessing this emotional scene, the young man couldn’t help but discuss with the family to adopt all these puppies, take care and find a better new owner for them.


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