See the unique Bugatti Chiron interior in Vietnam in Quang Ninh

To tidy up the interior of the car Homemade Bugatti Chironthe Nhat TV group brought the car to a workshop specializing in making automotive interiors in Hanoi and raised the idea of ​​wanting to have leather upholstery, carbon textured panels, aluminum panels and redo the new steering wheel for the car.The group has chosen the main color for the cabin is brown, creating a high-class, luxurious and warm look for the car Unique Bugatti Chiron in Vietnam. Combined with that is a leather-wrapped steering wheel, carbon fiber trim, chrome trim and a large Bugatti logo. The watch is taken from a luxury Toyota car.And yet, the central button array is also simulated from the real car, the new leather-wrapped gear lever has been tweaked, and the carbon fiber cladding is widely available in the interior. Notably, the car is equipped with racing-style seats that hug people, covered with thick leather.The roof is also covered with exposed leather. Every little detail is taken care of, typically the Chiron Super Sport logo is embroidered at the center pedestal, near the footrests of the driver and passenger.A group of young people in Quang Ninh also installed an entertainment sound system for the homemade Chiron with speakers mounted on the door and on the dashboard. It is known that the entire interior package of this Chiron was customized by a workshop in Hanoi to give to this group of talented and brave young people.It is known that excluding the newly completed interior upgrade package, the cost for the Nhat TV group to create a “made in Vietnam” Bugatti Chiron is about 600 million VND. The car is built entirely by hand based on the real car model along with a 1:1 simulation.Give power to the Homemade Bugatti Chiron supercar This is a 1.6L engine taken from the 1998 Toyota Corolla. The car uses rear-wheel drive..The initial requirements for this product only stopped at rolling, so the group of young people did not pay too much attention to the issue of strength. The cost of finishing the car is said to be about 600 million VND, excluding the cost of making more furniture.Video: Unique homemade Bugatti Chiron in Vietnam in Quang Ninh.


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