See the super-pit Great Wall Black Bullet pickup in China

Not only introducing commercially produced cars, Chinese domestic brands also brought to the Beijing Motor Show many interesting concept cars. One of the most outstanding concepts of this event is the Great Wall Futurist. The new Great Wall Black Bullet 2021 is a huge looking concept pickup truck at the 2020 Beijing Exhibition hall.The front of the car has a sturdy bumper, and a very large logo, prominent in the center of the grille. The Black Bullet appears to be built on the existing Great Wall Pao pickup, but gets an impressive new body kit and upgraded interior to stand out more. As the name suggests, it is finished in a matte black shade, adorned with some contrasting orange details.From the side, we see Great Wall Black Bullet pickup create accents with the set of orange contoured wheels, extremely wide wheel arches. Changes to the Black Bullet concept over the original car start with a bump that looks not only sturdy, but will also help improve the car’s off-road capabilities. In addition, this large and black pickup also has a new hood with a very large air inlet.Looking down, the Great Wall Black Bullet is equipped with a set of black wheels, sporty orange trim with muddy off-road tires. The front of the car also has the presence of a snorkel, an LED light bar on the roof and an extremely wide wheel arch. Not only that, Great Wall has also invested efforts to improve the rear end when installing a new large and sturdy bumper, a winch, hook equipment, and two glossy chrome exhaust. . A spare wheel rack is mounted above the trunk.Inside the interior, the manufacturer also makes many changes commensurate with the aggressive exterior appearance. The interior of the car is a mixture of white and black leather on the seats, interior door cladding and dashboard. Like the outside, some details have a personality orange color.While sample New Black Bullet concept looks truly impressive, producer Great Wall did not specify whether or not to put it into commercial production or not. If so, the Black Bullet will probably serve as a high-end pickup, aimed at off-road enthusiasts and with enough economy.Video: The super-pit Great Wall Black Bullet pickup in China.


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