See the Mercedes-AMG GLA “internal” and the biggest shirt set in Vietnam

The power of the vehicle Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 degrees This has been upgraded through Stage 2 of the power boost package from tuning firm AMS Performance, increasing the output level by more than 100 horsepower. This helps Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 to reach a maximum capacity of more than 400 horsepower when running dyno.In addition to the engine, the exterior of the vehicle Mercedes-AMG GLA terrible This is also upgraded by the owner with a body kit from Brabus including: front / rear lip, side panels, rear spoiler, Brabus badge on the wheel and steering wheel.Completing the GLA 45’s unique and strong appearance is the fancy blue wrap. Depending on the different viewing angles, you can see two pretty eye-catching colors of blue and green.The owner of this car does not disclose how much money has been spent on these impressive upgrades.But it can be predicted that this Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 has “consumed” the owner of a large amount of money.Up to the present time, this can be considered as the “terrible” GLA 45 in Vietnam. Level price of Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 When it was first launched in Vietnam, it was sold at VND 2.4 billion.Video: Detail Mercedes GLA 45 S AMG 2021 new generation.


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