See the “dandy” Ducati electric bike with nearly 50 million dong

Recently, the world famous motorcycle company in Italy has officially launched a model Ducati electric bike for children with the company’s distinctive design and color scheme.Accordingly, the boys from Borgo Panigale with the same car New Ducati MG-20 completed the streetcar line with earlier models such as the SCR-E and SCR-E Sport.The new Ducati MG-20 2021 electric bike model has a frame, wheel rim and fork made of super light Magnesium. Possessing light weight and compact overall dimensions, this will be an electric vehicle suitable for ages from 8 to 15 years old to be able to use it well in street conditions.On the electric bike, a motor with a capacity of 250W – 36V gives a traction power of 10.8Nm and is IP54 water and dust resistant. Powering this motor block is a Samsung 10.5Ah battery pack that produces a current of 36V-378W/h. The entire battery and electric motor on the Ducati MG-20 electric bike are hidden in the chassis of the bike, creating a very neat feeling like regular bicycle models. According to published parameters, the electric bike can travel a distance of 50km and a maximum speed of 25km / h after fully charged. In addition, the MG-20 has an LCD display to control the functions and assist levels of the electric motor from 12 to 25km/h.The car will officially go on sale from this July 2021, the level price of Ducati MG-20 from 1,599 Euro (equivalent to about 43 million VND). This is a pretty high price for an electric bike.Although the price is quite high, with the Ducati brand and the extremely high perfection of the car, this price will not be a barrier for Ducati “loving” parents who want to give gifts to their children in the near future. .Video: See the cool Ducati bike.


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