See Talbot-Lago T26C – Formula 1 racing car born in 1948

The current 2022 Formula 1 racing cars are ultra-high-tech machines that can produce around 1,000 horsepower. But when F1 first started, the cars participating in racing then only produced more than 300 horsepower. However, the Talbot-Lago T26C 1948 only about 200 horsepower, but still makes an impact on the F1 field.Only a few of them have survived to this day, and recently professional racing driver and host of the YouTube channel “Legendary Motorcar” Gary Klutt got the chance to drive one. Talbot-Lago T26C 1948 Classic On the race.Sample Talbot-Lago T26C . racing car made its F1 debut in 1948, but unlike its rivals on the track, it was clearly inferior in capacity. To compensate for that shortcoming, the T26C has improved fuel economy and reliability. In fact, the T26C is a formidable threat as it can run more laps, forcing other teams to strike a balance between speed and endurance.Only a few Talbot-Lago T26Cs are still in existence today, and Denis Bigioni owns one of them. His classic F1 car is a 1948 and still runs well. More interestingly, the car made its debut at the 1948 Monaco Grand Prix, although it failed to finish after 16 laps due to engine problems. French driver Pierre Levegh drove this T26C for 4 F1 seasons. It then continued to compete until 1954.In 1957, this rare Talbot-Lago T26C became the property of Otto Zipper, who then brought it to America. Next, Briggs Cunningham was the one who bought the T26C for his museum in Costa Mesa, California. Cunningham took good care of the car for about 40 years, until it was handed over to its current owner.This T26C car is still equipped with a 4.5-liter in-line 4-cylinder engine combined with a 4-speed Wilson pre-selected transmission. Its gearshift device is located behind the wheel, like modern automatic transmissions. Its cabin is quite small and tight, so the driver has to lean over when cornering so the impact doesn’t push him out of the cabin.The Talbot-Lago T26C 1948 in the video retains all of its original parts (including the original paintwork), and will occasionally show its “age”. Denis Bigioni turned to Legendary Motorcar to fix the car’s occasional oil leak, and that’s why Gary Klutt had the opportunity to experience this F1 racing car born more than 70 years ago.Video: Talbot-Lago T26C – Formula 1 racing car born in 1948.


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