See Mercury Cougar Convertible “rare goods” on Saigon Street

Mercury Cougar series There are 8 generations in total over 30 years since the first generation came out. Usually, antique cars of the first generation are always the symbol of this model. Mercury Cougar was launched by Ford’s Lincoln-Mercury division on September 30, 1966.Far beyond initial sales predictions, Cougar accounted for nearly 40% of Lincoln-Mercury sales in 1967. Mercury Cougar was also the model that received the 1967 Motor Trend award, which is also the car The first Lincoln-Mercury achieve this title.In 1970, the new Mecury Cougar was introduced with some updated details compared to the previous version. The front bumper with the grille is designed with a protruding middle part, separating the two parts of the grille clearly. In addition, instead of the soft body line on the old Cougar, the Mercury Cougar 1970 features a curved line that extends from the front end to the stylish rear wheel cavity.At the same time, on the 1970 version, the brand offered an optional Cleveland 351 V8 engine for the Cougar. This engine is capable of producing up to 300 horsepower. Customers can choose between a Windsor engine and a Cleveland engine for their vehicle.Piece Mercury Cougar convertible In this article, it’s a Convertible version with a collapsible hood and a striking orange-yellow exterior. The car is also equipped with a matte black capo cap wind cavity, sports rear spoiler. These details make the Cougar more aggressive than its predecessor.The car owns an interior compartment covered with luxurious and classic brown leather.Combined with that is the part between the seats is covered with fancy fabric, dashboard, door belly is studded with Cougar logo and luxurious wood paneling. The car’s interior compartment is simply designed with the essence of American muscle cars that are carefully preserved and restored by the owner.On this version, the brand sold about 2,332 units of the Convertible version, while the hardtop version was sold to 49,479 units.Therefore, the convertible version becomes much rarer than the hardtop version of this model.Video: 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7, 1968 rare goods in Saigon (source: Thanhnien).


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