Runner-up Kieu Loan shows off her rapping skills in response to Cashless Day

Runner-up Kieu Loan (Lona) in the promotional MV for Cashless Day

Personally, I am very limited in exchanging cash at the moment because it is a form of “hand to hand”, which may not be safe during a complicated epidemic. I think this Cashless Day campaign comes at the right time.

Singer and rapper LONA

Explaining the curious name of the song, musician OnlyC said: “Tap! Ting! Haha! Hey! is an idea Duy Andy thought up, in line with the trend as well as the language used by today’s youth. You can “tap” on the online platform and “ting” is a sign that the transfer is complete.

The other two phrases haha ​​and hey contain the meanings of joy and success, respectively, after the transaction ends. A simple title that encapsulates the message.”

Tap! Ting! Haha! Hey! There are melodies, cheerful lyrics, funny. The mix is ​​made in Trap R&B style with a tight design structure, mainly using electronic instruments suitable to the tastes of today’s audience. This is a composition by rapper Duy Andy with the contribution of musician OnlyC.

Sharing about creative inspiration, Duy Andy said: “In the 4.0 era, we can pay for all transactions online, no longer afraid of having no change to change.

In the past, when I went to buy things, the price was not high, but when I gave the 500,000 VND bill, people immediately frowned. Now, we can use online payment applications, which are convenient, fast and can protect ourselves during this epidemic season.”

Tap! Ting! Haha! Hey! The melody and lyrics are quite variable, constantly switching between English and Vietnamese. Although she has officially entered the singing field after participating in the King of Rap 2020 program, runner-up Kieu Loan, ie singer-rapper Lona, had a full performance of the song.

The author of the song Duy Andy rated Lona’s performance as 8/10 points: “Lona knows how to act in both vocals and rap to match a promotional music product. She is a young artist. weird, smart, and beautiful at the same time.”

Musician OnlyC also said that he really liked Lona’s performance and was quite surprised, because: “Lona is a young girl with a beautiful appearance, a runner-up, but has a trendy music style and a very new processing voice. . I really enjoyed this performance.”

And young singer Lona shared that she was a little pressured because: “The topic is related to money, so I have to sing and rap correctly, with clear words, but I feel very honored to be a young person using the voice of themselves to convey good messages to everyone”.

In the context of many provinces and cities across the country being isolated because of COVID-19, the theme of the MV is not to use cash, instead of paying online, which is the current trend chosen by many people.

Through this product, OnlyC wants to spread a message to the audience during the epidemic season: “Cashless day is a very good idea for newspapers. Youth, aimed at young people and the entire population using wire transfers, online shopping instead of face-to-face transactions, thereby avoiding risks during the epidemic season because as little community contact is possible.

On the other hand, this method also helps us promote the exchange of goods, so that economic transactions can still take place normally, reducing the risk of financial losses due to the epidemic.”


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