Runner Phuong Nga takes care of her skin with fresh collagen

Collagen is an important ingredient that determines the youthfulness and firmness of the skin. However, with age, each year collagen is lost. To preserve beauty, runner Phuong Nga replenishes collagen by applying directly to the skin, maintaining a smooth, healthy glow.

Runner Phuong Nga shows off her radiant beauty.

– Why do you choose collagen to take care of your skin?

Collagen is a protein that accounts for 30% of the total protein in the body. There are many types of nutrients, in which fresh collagen is not oxidized, has a dense, benign texture. Freshly refined collagen in the form of essences applied to the skin will penetrate deeply into the dermis. Therefore, right from the first time I use fresh collagen, I feel the softness on the skin, the wrinkles are fuzzy, the skin is moist, smooth, firm and youthful.

Runner Phuong Nga takes care of the skin from collagen essence

– How did you learn about fresh collagen?

– I love collecting collagen related products, fresh collagen is the type of women should experience. Having beautiful skin will help me feel more confident, so no matter how busy I am, I will take time to take care of it. This is also a way to love yourself, to make you happier.

Product JM Collagen Multivita Ampoule.

Product JM Collagen Multivita Ampoule.

What should be noted when using fresh collagen?

– Currently I use the Korean product JM Collagen Multivita Ampoule, also known as Korean fresh collagen, the new version 38 tablets. The product is simple to use because it is a capsule. After the cleansing step, gently twist the tip of the capsule to get the essence to massage evenly on the skin. Combine gentle massage to absorb collagen.

I believe every woman is beautiful in her own way. You should always love and take care of yourself to succeed and be happier in life.

The product has a liquid texture, easy to absorb.

The product has a liquid texture, is easy to absorb.

(Source: JM Collagen Multivita Ampoule)


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