Roewe RX5 2022 – the first model to own a sliding screen on the dashboard

At the end of April 2022, the Roewe auto brand of SAIC group officially introduced the new generation of the RX5 model in the Chinese market. However, until now, the company has announced more details about the C-sized SUV – New Roewe RX5 2022 this.In the new generation, the model SUV Roewe RX5 2022 owns 4,655 mm length, 1,890 mm width, 1,655 mm height and 2,765 mm wheelbase. Compared to models in the same segment such as Honda CR-V or Hyundai Tucson, Roewe RX5 2022 has a significantly larger size.Not only has its large size, this Chinese SUV also has an eye-catching design with an “X”-shaped grille extending from the bonnet to the end of the front bumper. Inside the grille are chrome details, creating a multi-point design. In addition, Roewe RX5 2022 also has a rather thin Matrix LED headlight cluster, connected by a transparent brace in the middle, and vertical fog lights. Meanwhile, the Roewe brand logo is moved onto the bonnet instead of in the grille.On the side of the car, Roewe RX5 2022 is equipped with a ribbed line extending from the headlights to the end of the rear door and a chrome splint connecting the two wheel cavities. In addition, the door handles are sunk into the body and the 5-spoke dual-spoke alloy wheels painted in 2 sporty colors. In particular, the car also has a camera integrated into the decorative brace behind the front fender.Behind Roewe RX5 2022 appear 2 roof spoilers, taillights with a thin and interconnected design, 3-stage reflectors, 2 fake chrome exhaust tips as well as a diffuser under the rear bumper. Not to mention the chrome splint across the trunk door and rear bumper. However, the most interesting highlight of this Chinese SUV is probably the inside of the car. Here, we will encounter a 27-inch screen located independently on the dashboard of the car.This screen combines the digital instrument panel and the vehicle’s infotainment screen. It is worth noting that this screen can slide on the dashboard, to the driver’s seat and vice versa. It can be said that this is the first car equipped with a sliding screen in the world.In order for this screen to slide, Roewe has installed a 300 mm long slide on the dashboard. Compared to cars with a full screen on the dashboard, Roewe RX5 2022 is clearly more interesting.According to Roewe, the screen of the new RX5 has 2 display modes: Smart Driving Mode and Smart Sharing Mode. In Smart Driving Mode, the screen will meet the driver’s information and entertainment needs.Meanwhile, in Smart Sharing Mode, the screen will be divided into two parts, one for the driver and the other for the front passenger.In addition, Roewe RX5 2022 also has a new voice command feature, a 3-spoke sports steering wheel with beveled bottom, a high center console cluster, forming a partition between the two front seats and a crystal-style gear lever. luxury car.The source of power for Roewe RX5 2022 is a 4-cylinder, turbocharged, 1.5-liter gasoline engine manufactured by parent company SAIC. Engine for a maximum capacity of 188 horsepower and combined with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Price of Roewe RX5 2022 Not yet announced, it will officially go on sale in the second half of this year.Video: See details of Roewe RX5 2022 in China.


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