Rhino poaching increased again in South Africa

Reuters reported on 4-5 days, wildlife parks said, rhino poaching is on the rise again in South Africa after a year of lull, since the government loosened measures. To prevent and combat the Covid-19 epidemic.

Strict travel restrictions, including international travel imposed in March last year, have helped stop rhino poachers. In 2020, a total of 394 rhinos are poached, 30% less than the year before and the lowest annual number since 2011.

However, South Africa began to loosen international travel restrictions in November 2020. “From last November to 2021, this area and especially the Kruger National Park has experienced a lot,” said Jo Shaw, Head of the African Rhino Group of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). serious rhino poaching ”.

Rhino poaching cases often involve local poachers and international criminal organizations smuggling high-value goods across borders, with destinations mainly in high demand places like Europe. ASIAN.

Protected areas, which are struggling with a tight budget, as tourism industry has experienced a series of bleak days due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has also been forced to cut back on anti-poaching patrols, increasing the threat. for rhino.

A rhino horned in the Balule nature reserve in South Africa on April 26 to prevent poachers. Photo: Reuters.

Some protected areas have deployed rhino horn amputation as a method to deter poachers. Veterinarians cut the horns near the base, not completely remove, to avoid the rhino bleeding to death. Balule Nature Reserve located in Kruger National Park has been sawing the horns of 100 rhinos since April 2019.

Frances Craigie, director of enforcement forces at the South Africa Ministry of the Environment, said the country has about 16,000 rhinos in its borders.

At Kruger National Park, the number of rhinos has decreased by almost two-thirds over the past decade, to around 3,800 in 2019 compared to 11,800 in 2008.


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