Requesting businesses to report their capacity to supply and preserve COVID-19 vaccines

The Government issued Resolution No. 21/NQ-CP dated February 26, 2021 on the purchase and use of vaccines against COVID-19, which assigned the Ministry of Health to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with ministries, agencies and localities in. related to purchasing, importing, receiving aid, sponsoring, managing and using COVID-19 vaccine in 2021.

Carrying out the tasks assigned by the Government, the Ministry of Health and related units are working hard with domestic and foreign manufacturers, suppliers, and partners to purchase and import COVID-19 vaccines on the principle of diversifying supplies to meet vaccination needs, ensuring quality, safety, effectiveness and correct origin and origin.

Request businesses to report on their capacity to supply and preserve COVID-19 vaccines.

The Drug Administration of Vietnam (Ministry of Health) welcomes businesses and organizations with sufficient conditions and potential to participate in the supply and preservation of COVID-19 vaccines to join hands with the Government and the Ministry of Health. Healthcare to combat the COVID-19 epidemic.

Vaccines against COVID-19 that have been licensed for use in the world so far have storage conditions at different temperatures (Pfizer’s vaccine is from -80oC to -60oC, Moderna’s vaccine is from -5oC to -15oC; vaccine of Pfizer is from -80oC to -60oC, Moderna’s vaccine is from -5oC to -15oC; vaccine of Pfizer is from -80oC to -60oC, vaccine from Moderna is from -5oC to -15oC; vaccine from Pfizer is from -80oC to -60oC) Johnson & Johnson from -25oC to -15oC; Sputnik V vaccine ≤-18oC; AstraZeneca vaccine from 2oC to 8oC…).

The capacity of the cold chain system in expanded vaccination can ensure the transportation and storage of vaccines under storage conditions at temperatures from 2oC to 8oC. However, the capacity to store vaccines at deep negative temperatures (e.g., from -80oC to -60oC; from -50oC to -15oC; ≤-18oC) is limited.

In order to soon have a basis to assess the ability to import and provide storage services for COVID-19 vaccines, the Drug Administration of Vietnam recommends that businesses and organizations have the ability to purchase, import, preserve and distribute vaccines. COVID-19 prevention and control with the highest responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, urgently providing information as soon as possible related to some types of COVID-19 vaccines, information about facilities that have been granted the Certificate of Eligibility a pharmaceutical business event with the scope of importing or providing vaccine preservation services before May 20, 2021.

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