Regularly receiving “gifts” from the wild fox, the whole family burst into tears when they knew the truth

It turned out that the fox’s “motivation” for giving gifts was not what they thought.

Living in a house in the suburbs of London (United Kingdom), the residence of the woman named Jennifer Rutter in this story is regularly visited by wildlife.

Among them was a little fox who came to play relatively often. As a child, the animal accidentally found Jennifer’s garden and considered it as his ideal sunbathing place.

So it often comes here and often lies down on the windowsill to enjoy the warm rays of the sun.

Because the fox looks so cute, and the animal doesn’t cause any trouble, Jennifer’s family is very welcoming to it.

Photo: Source Sina.

After growing a bit, the animal also seems to sense that the owner of the garden often silently watches and allows himself to play here.

And perhaps because he understood that he could not come empty-handed, the fox began to prepare gifts for the owner on each visit.

Since then, it regularly brings some sausages, sometimes a few slices of bread. Although they do not know where those “gifts” come from, Jennifer’s family is very happy with the fox’s heart.

But soon, everyone in the house gradually realized a truth: Those “gifts” are not for them but for the family pet cat.

Photo: Source Sina.

As it turns out, the little fox often communicates with the cat through the window glass. And perhaps because he loved this friend, he brought a gift with the intention of saying: “Make friends and go out with me, okay?”

As for Jennifer’s cat, it seems that she also loves the guests of the garden. Therefore, every time the little fox did not come, the cat often sat sad and stared out the window as if expecting the arrival of the other friend.

After learning this fact, Jennifer’s family was very happy and excited to post the story on social networks.

She said her whole family is looking forward to the fox’s next visits. And of course she also hopes that not only the pet cat, but also they have the opportunity to receive the “gift” of that lovely animal in the future!


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