Reduce anxiety because living away from family

Always in a state of anxiety, unable to concentrate on studies, plus the psychological separation from family makes me feel helpless, sometimes desperate. What can I do to regain my spirit, reduce anxiety?

Dr. Le Minh Cong (Spiritual Vaccine Program under the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City):

Your negative emotional and behavioral experiences, in my opinion, start with two triggers. The first, you have to go through a new environment with many challenges and differences, when not prepared enough adaptive skills can also increase the crisis. Second, worrying about family at home and lack of social connection can also lead to negative emotions.

If that’s the case, we need to “immediately” have strategies and actions to adapt and change. First, you need to focus and settle on your present life to give yourself the most positive. For example, learn and adapt to the local culture where you moved to live and study; make new friends and build positive relationships; pay more attention to school activities to feel loved and belonging; maintain positive living habits such as physical activity, diet, sleep…

Second, you need to be more fully aware of your life values, goals (short, medium and long term), possible actions to achieve them, barriers and ways to overcome them barrier. Having action plans and positive values ​​make you believe in yourself and your abilities, along the way you will feel satisfied with yourself and the path you are on.

Tuesday, You and your family should often exchange through social networks with both pictures and family gatherings, this helps you to reduce anxiety and not feel lonely.

Those who move away from their family to a new place of residence, new living, learning and working environment will also have initial stress and pressure. If we have strategies and maintain them, we will gradually adapt and improve our lives.

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