Quang Tri and the investor set a target to start construction of the airport in September 2021

Specifically, on the afternoon of April 9, 2021, the Standing Committee of Quang Tri Provincial Party Committee held a meeting to hear the Provincial People’s Committee and T&T Group report the research results of the Quang Tri airport project and the projects of this group are investing in Quang Tri province. Attending the meeting were Mr. Le Quang Tung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of Quang Tri Provincial Party Committee; Mr. Vo Van Hung, Chairman of Quang Tri Provincial People’s Committee; Mr. Do Quang Hien, Chairman and CEO of T&T Group.

Mr. Vo Van Hung – Chairman of Quang Tri Provincial People’s Committee and Mr. Do Quang Hien – Chairman and General Director of T&T Group Group went to field survey of Quang Tri airport project

At the meeting, after listening to the consulting units reporting ideas and design plans for Quang Tri airport, representatives of the provincial leaders as well as the departments of Quang Tri province highly appreciated the reports. The time emphasizes the importance of the construction of Quang Tri airport for promoting the socio-economic development of the locality. According to the planning approval of the Ministry of Transport, Quang Tri Airport is a dual-purpose airport (civilian level 4C and military level II), with a capacity of 1 million passengers / year and 3,100 tons of cargo / year; location is located in Gio Quang, Gio Mai communes, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province.

This airport is identified as an important driving force project, playing a huge role in promoting socio-economic development of Quang Tri province, creating favorable conditions in promoting investment in the economic zone. Southeast, while contributing to ensuring national defense and security in patrolling border areas, islands, archipelagos in the Central region and the Gulf of Tonkin, serving rescue and rescue activities in the East Sea. .

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Vo Van Hung, Chairman of Quang Tri Provincial People’s Committee appreciated the T&T Group’s selection of Quang Tri to invest in this important project, and suggested the overall research consultant. Airport planning associated with the main traffic axes of the province, planning Quang Tri airport towards the trend of becoming an airport in the region. Quang Tri province will give priority to local resources, implement land use planning landmarks and land clearance to create the most favorable conditions for investors to build Quang Tri airport.

A design plan for Quang Tri airport was reported by the TEDI consultant at the meeting

Mr. Vo Van Hung suggested that the consulting units soon complete the Quang Tri Airport project, in order to promptly deploy other related procedures to start the project in early September 2021. On the investor side, Mr. Do Quang Hien, Chairman cum General Director of T&T Group, affirmed that he would focus resources and enthusiasm for investment projects in Quang Tri, agree with provincial leaders on the decision. mind to implement the goal of starting the project of Quang Tri airport in early September 2021.

Speaking at the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Le Quang Tung – Secretary of the Quang Tri Provincial Party Committee highly appreciated the ideas of the consulting units and the responsibility capacity of the T&T Group. Quang Tri province commits to always accompany investors to complete legal procedures, soon prepare a pre-feasibility report to submit to the Prime Minister for the implementation of the Quang Tri Airport project according to the set objectives. in September 2021.

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