Proposal to sanction movies made from the budget but few viewers

The movie My Man (2015) was invested 16 billion VND by the State, but it “died prematurely” in theaters, only reaching 500 million VND in revenue.

The draft Law on Cinema (amended) has been drafted for the 8th time, approved by the Government before being submitted to the Committee for Culture and Education for verification. From the Government’s point of view, after 14 years of implementation, besides making positive and effective contributions to the development of Vietnamese cinema, the Law on Cinema has revealed shortcomings and inadequacies that need to be amended soon. additional.

Making movies from the budget: bidding okay?

The draft law currently offers two options: One is to produce films in the form of assignment and order; the second is assigning tasks, placing orders or bidding.

The majority of Government members and the drafting agency agreed with Option 1: “Manufacturing films with the state budget is carried out in one of two forms of assignment or order”.

Meanwhile, the majority of the Standing Committee of Culture and Education chose option 2 and said that assigning tasks, placing orders, and bidding are the basic forms for selecting product suppliers. Public services using the state budget are prescribed by law.

Implement a form of bidding to create equality between public and private entities.

Analyzing from reality, delegate Nguyen Thi Viet Nga said that cinematographic works are works of art, so bidding is very difficult, it is possible that the winning unit is not a film production unit.

“But it is necessary to ask the real question, why are so many films invested from the state budget that have been assigned tasks and ordered so few viewers?” – Mrs. Nga raised the problem. At the same time, it is recommended to regulate the ordered films, assigning tasks, if the appraisal is not satisfactory, they will be returned and the sanctions are compatible.

Talking about this issue, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung said that the state budget for film production is very small, in the last 5 years, each year averaged only 65 billion VND. even lower number.

“If divided, each film averages only about 2 billion. Because of such a budget, it is very difficult to bid for production, giving tenders takes time, sometimes not serving the tasks in time. political and cultural affairs,” said the minister.

Scarcity of Vietnamese films on television, outside the theater

Presenting the survey results, Vice Chairman of the Committee for Culture and Education Phan Viet Luong pointed out an interesting situation: “The rate of showing Vietnamese films in the cinema system and on the television system is lower than the regulations, not yet meet the people’s demand for watching movies; the proportion of films with scripts adapted from foreign films is quite high, potentially risking fading or losing Vietnamese cultural values ​​and affecting the lifestyle of the young generation. “.

The survey team of the Committee for Culture and Education said that “very few television stations produce films, the number of Vietnamese films broadcast on television is scarce. Although many television stations have demand for playback, audiences are People want to watch movies in theaters on television, but most movies can’t be broadcast on television for many reasons.”

According to Mr. Luong, besides the preferential policies of the State to develop the film industry, it is necessary to study and put into law a number of policies on socialization; mobilize all economic sectors, agencies, organizations and individuals to participate in cinematographic activities; supporting film production as a kind of risky investment.

Ho Chi Minh City National Assembly delegate Van Thi Bach Tuyet supports the regulation that the State has preferential policies on land, taxes and credits for film activities, ensuring that cinema is both a cultural and artistic industry and a Economics.

She said that through a survey in Ho Chi Minh City, it was found that it was very difficult for Vietnamese producers to negotiate to bring Vietnamese films into theaters. The reason is that most of the cinemas are owned by the private sector, the quality of Vietnamese films is not really attractive and lacks policy mechanisms.

Therefore, having a good incentive mechanism will encourage investors to produce and disseminate Vietnamese films, including joint ventures and association with state agencies.

Upload movies online: self-censorship

The draft law stipulates the principle that businesses and organizations that disseminate films on cyberspace must self-censor content, self-categorize, display the results of movie classification according to prescribed criteria, provide tools handle violations for state management agencies on film distribution and dissemination; make sure not to violate the law, take responsibility before the law for the content of popular movies.

Presenting this regulation, Minister Nguyen Van Hung said that when drafting the law, this is a matter of concern. Testing movies in cyberspace is a difficult problem, based on technology, we can only control the sound, but not the image.

If the regulation is in the direction of pre-examination, it is necessary to increase human resources, huge equipment and also go against the trend. Therefore, the Government has chosen the option of post-audit, which strictly regulates the responsibilities of the subject of online film dissemination.

Can’t “cut” each scene to evaluate the movie

Sharing more about the evaluation of the film’s content, Minister Nguyen Van Hung emphasized that a cinematographic work is a thorough and complete work of art that cannot be cut out for comment, evaluation or criticism. but should see the work as a whole.

“For example, a movie may have some scenes with violent scenes, but throughout the film, it is condemning and criticizing violence,” the minister said.

Why do state films have little revenue and are Why do state films have little revenue and are “hit”?

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