Promptly export and timely supply rice to support the people during the New Year’s Eve in 2021

On the occasion of the Tan Suu New Year and adjacent to the grain in early 2021, 17 provinces requested the Prime Minister to support rice from the national reserve, corresponding to the total number of rice requested to support 12,416.19 tons for 707,535 people. , in which support for the New Year of Tan Suu is 9,082,515 tons of rice and support for the beginning of the year is 3,333,675 tons of rice.

Exporting rice to the National Reserve supports the people in the traditional New Year festival of Tan Suu of the nation

Up to now, the Prime Minister has issued 3 decisions to assign the Ministry of Finance (the General Department of State Reserve) to support 11,580,915 tons of rice from the national reserve to 16 provinces (Dien Bien province alone proposed to support support 835,275 tons without the decision of the Prime Minister), specifically:

Decision No. 2285 / QD-TTg dated December 31, 2020 supports 1,702,875 tons of rice to support the Lunar New Year to the provinces: Nghe An (727,875 tons) and Quang Nam (975 tons).

Decision No. 140 / QD-TTg dated January 29, 2021 to support 8,401,215 tons of rice to support provinces.

In which, support for the New Year festival of Tan Suu 6,875.46 tons, including: Ninh Thuan (530,205 tons), Quang Binh (1,127.61 tons), Quang Ngai (1,240,125 tons), Dak Lak (810,975 tons), Quang Tri (807.57 tons), Cao Bang (546.21 tons), Binh Phuoc (401.61 tons), Kon Tum (91.35 tons), Dak Nong (194,205 tons), Ha Giang (225.6 tons), Binh Dinh (900 tons);

And support for grain armor at the beginning of 2021 was 1,525,755 tons, including: Quang Binh (1,029,045 tons); Dak Nong (284.28 tons); Lang Son (212.43 tons).

Decision No. 152 / QD-TTg dated January 30, 2021, to support 1,476,825 tons of rice for Gia Lai province with 1,037.97 tons (504.18 tons on New Year’s Eve and 533.79 tons of grain); Supporting Lai Chau county border with 438,855 tons.

According to Mr. Pham Vu Anh – Deputy Director of the State Reserve General Department: Immediately after receiving the decision of the Prime Minister, the State Reserve Department directed the State Reserve Department to export immediately support rice for localities according to the decision of the Prime Minister.

At the same time, the State Reserve General Department has sent a written request to the People’s Committees of provinces and localities to urgently plan the allocation and reception of rice to support the people; directing the local departments and agencies to closely coordinate with the regional State Reserve Departments to promptly have a plan for rice export, transport and delivery in accordance with the direction of the Prime Minister.

Particularly for Quang Binh province, during the Tan Suu Tet holiday and adjacent to the grain, the locality is supported with 2,156,655 tons of rice for 75,174 people, of which 1,127.61 tons for the New Year festival are supported. the year is 1,029,045 tons of rice. In order to promptly bring the reserved rice to the people before the New Year’s Eve, on the morning of February 4, 2021, the State Reserve Department (Ministry of Finance) instructed the State Reserve Department of the Binh Tri Thien region. Exporting, transporting and handing over 1,127.61 tons of rice from the National Reserve, ensuring sufficient quantity and quality standards in accordance with the direction of the Prime Minister and Quang Binh province. .

It is known that the entire amount of rice will be transported and handed over by the State Reserve Department of Binh Tri Thien area from February 3, 2021 to February 7, 2021 (ie from 22-26 Tet). .

Deputy Director General of the State Reserve Department Pham Vu Anh emphasized: The provision of the National Reserve rice to support the people during the traditional New Year’s Day of the nation’s Tan Suu is of practical significance, carries bold humanity. , expressing the spirit of “mutual love” shared by the Government with people in areas with extreme difficulties, areas with natural disasters, crop failures …, especially helping the poor, households with food difficulties. be “red fire” in the traditional Tet holiday of the nation.

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