Procedures for getting flooded car insurance

The last flood in 2020 caused serious damage to the people of the Central region. After the flood recedes. Requiring insurance companies to compensate is essential to overcome consequences caused by natural disasters, floods and rains.

However, not everyone is equipped with enough knowledge to prepare a claim car insurance flooded by rain and flood. In a few cases, the insurance company refused or was only paid a part of the compensation due to subjective errors: lack of documentation, delayed notice, …

Procedures for getting flooded auto insurance.

So the car owners flooded cars due to floodsWhat do floods need to do so that claims can be quickly processed by the insurer with the best benefit rate? The following article would like to take time to share this:

According to the insurance rules, car owners participate in voluntary material insurance in case of a force majeure natural disaster (storm, flood, landslide, earthquake, lightning, hail, tsunami , …) have the right to ask the insurer to indemnify and share the burden of risks for themselves and their family.

The general agreement includes cars that are damaged by the purchase of the Fig-2
Owners of insurance affected by natural disasters have the right to claim compensation.

1. Car insurance claim process

Step 1: Send a written accident notice to the insurance company as soon as possible. This is a required step to initiate the claim process with an insurer.

Step 2: Handling the initial accident. Based on the extent of the loss and determination of the fault of a third party, you need to get confirmation from the traffic police or the authorities at the place where the incident resulted in the damage.

Step 3: The insurer conducts the assessment with related parties. The assessment results must be signed by the assessor, from which the decision is made to repair or replace the loss.

Step 4: Processing Compensation for car insurance. The insurance company will guarantee the payment at the repair site upon receipt of all documents and records. The owner of the vehicle signs the acceptance record, signs the contract and receives the car.

2. What do auto insurance claims need?

The insurance company will assist the car owner to connect the related parties (the victim, the traffic police, …) to complete the claim. Documents to include in the application include:

Documents related to the vehicle: Vehicle registration, driving license

Other vehicle owner’s identification documents: ID card, passport, …

Proof of human damage (copy of hospital / medical facility or copy certified by insurance company): Certificate of insurance, certificate of injury, certificate of surgery, paper hospital, death certificate (in case of death), …

Papers proving property damage (original): Invoices / vouchers for repairing or replacing the damaged part performed by the vehicle owner at the repair shop with the consent / designation of the company insurance, documents evidencing the expenses paid by the owner under the guidance of the insurance company, papers of the competent authority about the incident (copies, record of scene examination, current diagram School, photo copy (if any), record of the examination of the relevant vehicle, preliminary notice of the initial investigation result, other documents related to the incident

3. Property insurance claims and claims process

The property insurance assessment and claim process consists of 4 steps similar to car insurance. A claim dossier set includes the following documents:

Loss notice text

List of insured properties

Claim form according to the form

Documentation of insured property including certificate / policy of insurance:

For machinery / equipment: Operating manual, specifications, warranty paper, operation monitoring book, blueprints, catalogs, purchase invoices, …

For workshops: Construction design, drawings, …

For internal assets: Technical data drawings, purchase invoices, inventory reports before and after the incident, …

For import and export goods: Bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing slip, delivery record, shipping documents …

Documents explaining the amount of complaint: Quotation, invoice, production order, request note and spare part delivery note, purchase order, parts cancellation record, …

Note: In case of an emergency, an accident occurs on a holiday or a weekend, the insurer can still contact the insurance company.

Above are all the process of assessment, claiming property insurance, auto insurance that the insurer needs to know to protect his interests and limit damage to himself. Hope this article will help you in life.


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