Prime Minister: Patriotic emulation movement is like rising waves, crystallizing strength, carrying kh

72 years ago, on the 1,000th anniversary of the Resistance War, President Ho Chi Minh called for Patriotic Emulation. Writer: “Every Vietnamese citizen, any old, young, boy, girl; any rich, poor, big, small, needs to be a soldier fighting on the front: Military, Economy, Politics, Culture “. Caller: “Work fast, do well, do more”.

Carrying out that divine call of him, having spent 26,480 days since June 11 of that year, there is no day when our people do not emulate patriotism. From the early days with the emulation movement to destroy the ignorant enemy, to destroy the hungry enemy, to the foreign invaders; from emulation for socio-economic restoration in the North to emulation for aid in the Southern battlefields; from emulation to defeat the American invaders, unification of the country to emulation to reconstruct the country, carry out economic renewal and move the country forward in the period of industrialization and modernization; Emulation makes the people rich, the country is strong, democratic, fair and civilized.

“Today, the assets, potentials, position and prestige of our country are the crystallization of many vibrant emulation movements, including silent contributions and sacrifices at all levels, in all branches. , all walks of life “, the Prime Minister expressed.

The cold of winter in Hanoi seems to have been erased by the warmth of 2,300 delegates who attended the 10th patriotic emulation congress today, by the warmth of comrades and fellow citizenship. “You, you comrades are representative representatives of armed forces heroes, Doi Moi labor heroes, national emulation soldiers, advanced examples representing the fields , region, region, ethnicity, religion; the peasant classes, workers and intellectuals … in the country and our compatriots abroad “.

Compared with the previous 9 congresses, the number of delegates attending this congress is the largest. This shows that our patriotic emulation movement is spreading more and more strongly, and the typical emulation examples of our country more and more. However, no matter how large the number, it cannot fully represent the profound and comprehensive achievements that emulation movements have won over the years.

Over the past 5 years, the patriotic emulation movement has grown stronger and more extensive ever, with many rich contents and vivid forms. We have seen many touching images, humanities, diverse role models in many fields, from armed soldiers to the people, the elderly, and children who all have hearts for the country while difficulties, epidemics took place. “We have done things that the world touched and admired”, the Prime Minister emphasized.

The Prime Minister spoke at the 10th Patriotic Emulation Congress this morning.

It can be said that our emulation movements have made an important contribution to mobilizing great power of the great unity bloc in the entire Party, people and entire army, arousing the spirit of pride and pride. nation; forging strong will and mighty aspirations of our people. Emulation has now become a very familiar thing in our daily life. The spirit of emulation and overcoming oneself is the source of the strength of development.

Despite the shortcomings, limitations and many difficulties and challenges, but thanks to the great efforts and determination of the entire Party, the entire people and the entire army, our country has achieved many very important achievements. important, quite comprehensive in most fields, making many outstanding marks, highlighting the achievements of 35 years of innovation with great progress. In four consecutive years 2016-2019, we have successfully emulated the achievement of socio-economic goals set out, standing in the top 10 highest growing countries in the world, and being one of 16 emerging economies. most successful.

The year 2020 marks a big turning point in the recent 100-year history of mankind when the COVID-19 pandemic caused enormous economic harm and disturbance in the social life of most economies. In the world. However, thanks to the solidarity and unanimity of the entire Party, the entire army, the entire people, and the blending of “the Party’s will and people’s hearts”, we have emulated and won the realization of “dual goals. “prevention of COVID-19 epidemic and economic development.

Up to now, when many countries in the region and around the world fell into deep recession, Vietnam is an economy that still maintains positive growth. COVID-19 epidemic has been controlled, the number of deaths has been reduced and economic losses, social security guaranteed, culture, society, environment, national defense, security and foreign affairs have achieved many results. impressive results. “From here we understand more that the level of success is determined not only by what we have achieved, but also by the obstacles we have overcome,” the Prime Minister said.

With these special results, it is impossible not to say that 2020 must be considered as the most successful year of our country in the past 5 years in terms of spirit and will to rise in all difficulties and challenges. The people’s belief in the Party and the future of the country has been constantly strengthened and improved. The most difficult and thorny times are the occasion for each of us to express the identity of the national spirit, the solidarity, “in harmony with each other, with the same temperament”; adorn the bravery, will and temperament of the Vietnamese people, without any challenges that our nation cannot overcome.

The Prime Minister stated that, in every development stage of the country, the patriotic emulation movement is like rising waves, crystallizing strength, bringing along the heroic historical spirit of our ancestors and our people. Emulation is the driving force that motivates each individual to renew himself. President Ho Chi Minh once taught: “Emulation and commendation are the driving force for development and an important measure to build new people”.

The 10th National Patriotic Congress is an important milestone marking a new development step on the basis of continuing and promoting fine traditions and valuable achievements during the past 72 years.

At the same time, the congress also has an important meaning of encouraging and encouraging the entire Party, the entire people and our entire army, arousing great strength of the great bloc of national unity, comprehensively promoting the innovation. creating the momentum and motivation for the successful implementation of the Resolution of the XIII National Congress of the Party, contributing to building an independent, resilient and prosperous Vietnam, democratic, just and civilized.

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