Prime Minister: By 2045, there will be giant corporations with Vietnamese names

The bigger the pillar, the richer the people, the stronger the country, and the greater the spirit of resilience

The Prime Minister expressed through the statements of enterprises (DN), of intellectuals, we clearly see a burning desire for a prosperous Vietnam in 2045. That is a strong belief until 2045, 25 years from now, a quarter of a century, long enough for the emergence of giant enterprises and corporations with Vietnamese names. Arguably, aspirations and beliefs are among the most important issues in today’s discussion.

Summarizing “Dialogue 2045” for the first time, the Prime Minister said that there are 5 issues raised.

First of all, people and technology, including the nation’s more powerful digital transformation problem. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to reforming institutions, this is the “midwife” for businesses and the country, in which human rights and citizenship are emphasized. Third, giving development opportunities to all types of businesses, especially freeing up resources for businesses, people, economic sectors such as FDI, cooperatives, individual households … in which the private economy is a in key ingredients. There is a need to connect and develop infrastructure for businesses, especially to facilitate land. Fourth, the Vietnamese human resources for development, go hand in hand with creative startups, go hand in hand with the protection of the living environment, and not let anyone be left behind. And finally, protect Vietnamese culture because if culture is lost, everything is lost.

“We agree that enterprises are the pillar of the national economy, the bigger the pillar, the richer the people, the stronger the country and the greater resilience,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

In today’s era, if the business is still defined as good profit maximization, it will be outdated, the goal of the enterprise cannot be merely to seek profit for shareholders, but to create value for society, contributing to the common prosperity of the country.

Therefore, the Prime Minister was particularly impressed with the corporate slogans that represent a mission or value that businesses want to contribute to society, such as Thaco’s “Development with the country”, “For a life. better for everyone “of Vingroup,” For a bright life “by Novaland,” Truly natural “by TH True Milk,” Stand taller of Vietnam “by Vinamilk,” Speak your way “by Viettel etc ..

The Prime Minister believes that a strong business community means a strong and sustainable Vietnam in the coming time.

Prime Minister at the dialogue.

Do not turn private economic support mechanisms into subsidies, serving group benefits

Sending advice to businesses, the Prime Minister stated clearly, businesses need to love their Fatherland, unite, not discouraged, dynamic, assertive, have faith because they do not have confidence to deny their achievements by themselves.

According to the Prime Minister, Dialogue 2045 is of great significance. This will be an annual forum of dialogue between leaders of the Party, State, and Government with the business community and intellectuals to promote persistent, continuous, consistent, and consistent reform efforts in order to soon develop. realizing Vietnam’s aspirations 2045.

Dialogue 2045 shows the crystallization of patriotism of people, businesses, and intellectuals for the development of the country; a strong determination to innovate, overcome difficulties and challenges to make the country more and more developed, and people’s lives become more and more prosperous and happy. Dialogue is an opportunity not only to create a spirit of solidarity and belief, but also courage, intelligence, patriotism, love of labor, and creativity.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister suggested ministries and localities to focus on a number of tasks.

First of all, it is necessary to unify awareness, thought and action of the entire political system in the implementation of policies and policies on enterprise development in the spirit of resolutions of the Politburo, the National Assembly, the Government. especially soon concretize the spirit of the recent Resolution of the XIII Congress of the Party.

Continue to promote the reform of investment and business environment favorable for businesses. The Government and the Prime Minister, especially ministers, are committed to macroeconomic stability and policy transparency; Ministries, branches and localities must expand their access to resources and participation opportunities; complete mechanisms and policies to attract investment and ensure the operation of enterprises according to market mechanisms.

Ensure transparent and effective implementation of the policy; supporting the development of small and medium enterprises, start-up movement, innovation; expand the ability to participate in the market and promote equal competition between different types of enterprises; promoting autonomy and competitiveness of the private economy; do not turn mechanisms and policies to support private economic development into subsidies, serving “group interests” in any form.

Supporting the business community to innovate, modernize technology and develop human resources and raised issues.

To step up the implementation of the national strategy on human resource development, especially universities and vocational schools. The role of the contingent of intellectuals associated with entrepreneurs in the period of integration and promotion of national development is extremely important.

Prime Minister stated that overcoming many difficulties and challenges, by 2020 we have completed the “double goal”, which is highly appreciated by the international community and the people. Along with the contributions of the business community, we cannot help but mention the huge role of intellectuals, economic analysts, experts with enthusiastic social criticism, in the spirit of building. values ​​awakening, protected and created.

The Prime Minister emphasized: “Let’s join hands to make Vietnam even more successful, where all intellectuals and talents have the opportunity to be devoted and served; There are many businesses rising to become global corporations. Vietnam 2045 is a beautiful picture that all of us and future generations have the opportunity to put our paint on. This is something we all want together. “

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