Prime Minister asked WHO to support Vietnam to become a vaccine production center in the Western Pacific region

In an atmosphere of intimacy, openness, goodwill and mutual understanding, the two sides candidly exchanged many specific and substantive issues to strengthen cooperation between Vietnam and WHO in efforts to protect and care for them. people’s health and prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the issue of vaccines.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh expressed his gratitude and appreciation for WHO’s valuable cooperation and support for the development of Vietnam’s health sector during the past 45 years. The Prime Minister affirmed that Vietnam supports efforts for global health cooperation, highly appreciating the role of WHO and the Director-General personally in coordinating international cooperation in disease prevention in general, including disease prevention and control. COVID-19, promoting equitable, equal and timely access to COVID-19 vaccines on a global scale.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized that during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam has made great efforts to realize the “dual goal” of preventing the epidemic and recovering socio-economic development with the support and cooperation of the Government. The international community, including WHO, and the support and joint action of the people and achieved many initial positive results.

Facing the complicated situation of the epidemic in some provinces and cities of Vietnam now due to a new strain, the Prime Minister asked WHO to support and give priority to Vietnam to receive the next batch of vaccines as soon as possible. COVAX has committed and affirmed to implement an effective, timely and safe vaccination strategy. At the same time, the Prime Minister also asked WHO to support and assist Vietnam to become one of the vaccine production centers for the Western Pacific region; emphasizes the capacity of the Vietnamese health sector as well as the potential of some Vietnamese enterprises to produce vaccines that meet international standards. The Prime Minister welcomed the proposal of the Director-General to send WHO experts to assist Vietnam in this process.

For his part, the Director-General of WHO highly appreciated Vietnam’s success in realizing “dual goals”, especially with proactive and creative measures, flexible response to the situation, leadership. The Government’s drastic measures, the participation of the whole political system have contributed to effective epidemic prevention efforts so that Vietnam can truly become an effective anti-epidemic model in the world, widely disseminated by WHO.

He also thanked and welcomed Vietnam’s support to international friends in epidemic prevention and control, thanked the Vietnamese Government for its commitment to contribute $500,000 to the COVAX program, and especially appreciated the fact that Vietnam Nam has received and successfully treated UN staff with COVID-19 recently.

BILLIONThe Prime Minister asked WHO to support Vietnam to become a vaccine production center in the Western Pacific region. Photo: VGP.

During the phone call, the WHO Director-General shared information about the current severe shortage of vaccine supply globally from now until September 2021 due to the serious outbreak of the disease in regions as well as the world. such as the situation of hoarding in excess of demand in some countries, affecting the supply capacity of COVAX as well as the ability to access vaccines of countries, including Vietnam.

Mr. Tedros noted that Vietnam’s proposals will be prioritized to quickly access vaccine sources, as well as soon become a vaccine production center in the region; affirmed that he will send WHO experts to Vietnam to support Vietnam’s vaccine research and production efforts to meet international standards.

General manager WHO affirming that WHO will pay attention and do its best to support Vietnam’s epidemic prevention and control, as well as be ready to accompany the Government and people of Vietnam in the work of protecting and taking care of people’s health. and in the fight against COVID-19.

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