Prime Minister Approves the UKVFTA implementation plan

The Prime Minister approves the formulation of the UKVFTA implementation plan in order to assign tasks and responsibilities to relevant agencies and organizations, decide on measures to direct, administer and other measures to fully implement the implementation. this Agreement is sufficient and effective.

To achieve the above goal, the Prime Minister requested that in the coming time, in addition to the regular and assigned tasks in the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 1201/QD-TTg dated August 6, 2020 The Government on approving the Implementation Plan of the Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the European Union (EVFTA) (because the UKVFTA Agreement basically inherits the content of the EVFTA Agreement with necessary adjustments to ensuring compliance with the bilateral trade framework between Vietnam and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)) and Official Letter No. 6548/VPCP-QHQT dated August 10, 2020 of the Government Office, Ministries, branches and localities need to concretize and organize the implementation of basic tasks such as: Propagating and disseminating information about UKVFTA and the UK market; building laws and institutions; improve competitiveness and develop human resources; policies on social security, environmental protection and sustainable development.

BILLIONPrime Minister approved the UKVFTA Implementation Plan.

In particular, in terms of propaganda and information dissemination about UKVFTA and the UK market, it is necessary to strengthen the dissemination of UKVFTA to relevant stakeholders, especially those who may be affected such as farmers. , fishermen, central and local management agencies, industry associations, cooperatives, business community, workers, other labor sectors through the media, electronic information pages publications, documents, radio and television programs, training classes, online training courses, seminars to raise awareness and understanding of the commitments as well as the what needs to be done to effectively implement UKVFTA.

Establish a focal point for information on UKVFTA at the Ministry of Industry and Trade to provide information, guidance and clarification of commitments and issues related to the Agreement.

Consolidate the network, strengthen the capacity and step up the provision of information and forecasts on the UK and domestic market by state agencies with the function of providing information on trade and investment. investment so that Vietnamese businesses can promptly grasp information, technical requirements, regulations on import and export management of the UK; to step up trade and investment promotion programs in the UK.

At the same time, continue to build and perfect the necessary institutions to implement the Agreement; develop programs to support and improve competitiveness for industries and businesses, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, farmers; at the same time, prepare solutions to respond and support for industries and goods that are directly affected by the implementation of the Agreement.

Support Vietnamese enterprises to participate in production networks, value chains and supply chains with the participation of UK businesses to take advantage of the benefits of the Agreement; strengthen measures and mechanisms to encourage and orient UK-invested enterprises to connect with domestic enterprises, contributing to the formation and development of supply chains.

Promote mutual recognition of results of conformity assessment with the UK, especially for Vietnam’s strong export products and goods to the UK…

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