Preventing the purchase, speculation, and sale of drugs to treat seasonal flu

Accordingly, the Ministry of Health requested the Departments of Health of the provinces and cities to strictly implement the prevention of summer epidemics in 2022, focusing on the prevention of seasonal flu, COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. other respiratory routes.

However, recently, a part of people do not go to medical facilities for medical examination but buy and use diagnostic biological products for testing and buy drugs to treat seasonal flu by themselves, leading to speculation. , hoarding goods or taking advantage of the epidemic to increase unreasonable prices of drugs and medical equipment, including for sale on social networks.

To be ready and ensure the supply of drugs and medical equipment for the prevention of seasonal flu, the Ministry of Health asked the People’s Committees of the provinces and cities to direct the units to manufacture and trade drugs and equipment. health care actively strengthens production and business activities, the ability to supply therapeutic drugs, diagnostic biological products for seasonal influenza testing, especially rapid testing for seasonal influenza; ensure stable prices of therapeutic drugs and medical equipment, do not sell to purchasing units, speculate to increase prices when domestic demand is high, causing market scarcity.

Preventing the purchase, speculation and sale of drugs to treat seasonal flu. Illustration

Establishments shall declare and list prices of therapeutic drugs and medical equipment in accordance with law.

With the authorities, market management, strengthen the inspection and examination of the declaration of prices, listing the selling prices and selling at the correct listed prices; inspect the behavior of taking advantage of the epidemic situation, shortage of drugs and medical equipment in the market to speculate, hoard goods, buy goods or take advantage of the epidemic to increase the selling price of drugs and medical equipment. unreasonable seasonal flu epidemic prevention. At the same time, inspect and prevent units that illegally purchase, speculate, and sell drugs and medical equipment on the Internet to prevent and control seasonal flu for profiteering, and resolutely deal with organizations and individuals. violator.

The Ministry of Health also requires localities to propagate and guide people when having symptoms of suspicion that they need to go to medical facilities, commune and ward health stations for medical examination, testing and use of drugs as prescribed by doctors. doctor.

According to the report of the infectious disease surveillance system, every year Vietnam records from 600,000 to 1,000,000 cases of seasonal flu. The number of cases is recorded all year round and tends to increase at the time of summer – autumn, winter – spring. Recently, the number of cases of flu syndrome does not differ from previous years. However, the number of hospitalizations increased at some end-of-line hospitals, in which the majority of cases were infected with influenza A.

Currently, flu cases recorded in Vietnam since the beginning of the year have not been infected with highly virulent strains. Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien Huong – Deputy Minister of Health said that from the beginning of 2022 until now, Vietnam has not recorded any case of avian influenza A/H5N1, A/H5N6, A/H5N8, A/H7N9…

Influenza A epidemic is increasing in Hanoi and northern provinces, making the market for test kits and Tamiflu drugs scarce. Not only prices in pharmacies and private pharmacies increase, but on social networks, prices are also “dancing” with winged advertisements that are imported goods, hand-carried goods…

Concerned about spreading the disease when going to public places such as hospitals, many Hanoians also buy tests themselves or choose home flu testing services, with extremely diverse prices. However, experts say that people do not need to be tested for influenza A. Influenza A is an acute respiratory infection that often circulates when the weather changes seasons, caused by common strains of influenza A virus such as A/H1N1. , A/H3N2 caused. The flu can go away on its own. When the fever is too high, it is necessary to exclude dengue fever, people should test. People with risk factors such as old age, immunocompromised people with underlying diseases (diabetes, blood pressure, etc.), pregnant women should go to a medical facility to be tested for accurate results.

People should not self-test because the wrong results may lead to the wrong treatment of the disease. In addition, patients using drugs must consult a doctor, especially antiviral drugs.

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