President Asanzo: ‘Knowing to accept failure to rebuild sustainably’

Experiencing ups and downs, Mr. Pham Van Tam now stands in the position of a person who has failed to take the next steps slowly but surely.

“I define myself as a failure to motivate to learn and draw from experience,” Pham Van Tam, Chairman of Asanzo Group shared with Host Truong Ly Hoang Phi in Talkshow The Next Power broadcast at 10:00 a.m. Thursday morning (June 30) on VnExpress.

The crisis is far behind, the business has also recovered 50% after the Covid-19 epidemic, the head of the Vietnamese TV producer said that he is ready to face the lessons from the past, from there. lay the foundation for solid growth in the future.

Mr. Pham Van Tam is the 8th guest to appear at Talkshow The Next Power. Talking with businesswoman Truong Ly Hoang Phi in the 40-minute program, he reflected on the bloody lessons on the journey to bring the company out of the crisis, as well as facing a series of difficulties of the company. Covid-19 and how to rebuild step by step.

Mr. Pham Van Tam in a Talkshow at VnExpress.

More specifically, during the media crisis and immediately following the difficulties of the epidemic, Asanzo made many innovations in both thinking and strategy. In terms of thinking, in the past, when making products, he always planned how to bring immediate and effective profits to the business. “But now, we are not going in that direction, but prioritizing sustainability,” he emphasized.

In terms of strategy, Asanzo has made many changes in business investment, one of which is investing heavily in the agricultural sector, working more closely with farmers.

Reflecting after many ups and downs, he admits he failed in his way of looking at people. Some seemingly close partners turned away when Asanzo was in trouble. Some of the customers who had prospered like a kite in the wind thanks to Asanzo, expect this manufacturer to “die completely” to occupy several hundred billion dong of debt. “But it’s also a blessing. After the crisis, Asanzo has proven its strong vitality, thanks to which I have new and better partners and customers,” he shared.

Entrepreneur Pham Van Tam at an agricultural project in Hoa Binh.  Photo: Ngocj Thanh

Entrepreneur Pham Van Tam at an agricultural project in Hoa Binh. Image: Ngoc Thanh

Episode 8 of talk show The Next Power with the participation of Mr. Pham Van Tam will be broadcast on electronic newspapers VnExpress at 10:00 a.m. on June 30. Interested readers can follow up here.

President Asanzo: 'Knowing to accept failure to rebuild sustainably'

The Next Power program focuses on the topic of innovation (Innovation) – considered the “key” to lead businesses to transform, break through, pioneer and affirm their position. The Next Power will directly analyze the innovation issues of enterprises, thereby bringing many practical lessons to be able to break through and affirm their position in the Vietnamese and international markets.

After the broadcast, the program has attracted the attention of a large number of readers. A series of innovation stories in various fields from fine art furniture, ceramics, retail, tourism, jewelry, insurance… were sent directly to the audience by guests who are business leaders. .

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